Cesar ''Chet' Cuneta To Soar Pasay City To Progress

5/03/2019 01:18:00 PM

Cesar 'Chet' Cuneta, son of former Pasay City Mayor Pablo Cuneta wish to continue the legacy of his father as he moves his candidacy as Pasay City Mayor this coming May election. Targeting mainly 3 issues to be addressed in Pasay City, health and hospital, traffic and education, these are the three things needed by the people of Pasay after learning the situation of one of the public hospital in the city.

Currently, Chet Cuneta's tag line is “Bagong Umaga, Pasay Bangon Na!” With his candidacy he'll be waking his fellow Pasayanons with his straighforward work attitude. Like what he does in the airlines he's flying. A more detailed and straight to the point managing system.

Cesar 'Chet' Cuneta is the brother of the Megastar Sharon Cuneta, Chet spent 33 years working as a pilot before being convinced to enter the political arena.

Here's an introduction of Chet Cuneta during the bloggers conference: :

“I am a pilot, been one for 33 years. Didn’t plan this but was urged by the President... I am 57 years old and hopefully, be full time in serving the people of Pasay."

Though not popular enough, Chet Cuneta fights fairly and hoping for the people of Pasay City to see the difference.

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