JC Premiere's The Good Life Summit Brings Good News

5/18/2019 06:37:00 AM

Moms like me loves to hear good news, specially when it is about having a good life. We always wish for something better to level up our current situation. Who does not want to progress? We all are, and that's one story that I brought here in my blog.

Just recently, I were invited to cover a different kind of event and this is my first time to witness such crowd. Take note they are all networkers and they almost fill the the MOA Arena. Now, I not really sure what to say.

It is one of the growing and strong networking company, JC Premiere, celebrated its 5th year with the Good Life Summit 2019. This is the company's five years of continued commitment in making their members dream true. Unfortunately, we were late a bit because when we entered the Arena Angeline Quinto is already singing to the crowd as we enter.

Members who just seen Angeline Quinto for the first time in person grab the chance to have a photo of her. Some even tried to do selfies while others took the chance to have a video. When Angeline asked if this was their first time to see her in person, many raised their hands. Angeline requested for the hashtag #AngGandaPalaNiAngelineQuintoSaPersonal.

It seems that JC really did get some of the best in the industry because the next performer was Bamboo who sung some of the best iconic music in the 90's.  By the way the event was hosted by Gretchen Ho and Mr. Foo.

Testimonies are one of the networking companies strength. It is part of the company that proves your products are good. And one of JC Premiere's member was able to share, though short because of stage fright.

Another interesting about the celebration is the raffle. Yes, JC Premiere raffles more than a million pesos. Talk about luck because quite few of the 5GL Summit attendees were lucky enough to take half a million each.

The best part of the celebration are the talk of JC Premiere leaders Carlito Macadangdang, Vice President and CFO and Jonathan So, President and CEO. Some of the highlights of their talks are the life time Buy 1 Take 1 of some products, their Travel incentives, and new features of their marketing plans, plus the way members are given big opportunity to earn more.

With a growing network company like this I think and more will join.

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