Learning About San Juan City in a Tour

5/10/2019 11:28:00 PM

I missed going on a field trip. I remember when I was in grade school and until high school I always join school field trips. It was a great experience during my school years. Some of the highlights of the field trips were museums, historical places and food plants (I think) and of course there's always swimming. Those are the wonderful days!

Now, it seems that I'm returning that memories again. Yes, once more I experience the enjoyment of joining tours as me, together with the other bloggers were treated to a tour, a special field trip at the heart of Manila, San Juan City.

We were toured around the city hall and the city. The field trip feels grew more because of the introductions and few talks from the tour guide. Our first tour guide was Mayor Guia who opened the doors of her office to show interesting facts and stories about the city of San Juan. It was really a very informative hour for us and take note we learned more about the city itself.

After the office of Mayor Guia, the next was the office of CEDOC or the Central Emergency and Disaster Operations Center where a huge screen of different monitors displaying the different areas around the city.

The walls in the lobby of the City Hall is painted with three different murals that depicts the past and present of San Juan.

The Pinaglabanan Shrine which is decorated and made beautiful by the fire trees is now a historical landmark to visit.

The El Deposito de Aguas turned museum is once the depository station of potable water the whole Manila area. This is the very first water management system in the country which is design by Palacio. The City Hall, the Shrine and its surrounding area is the entire water management system of El Deposito, unfortunately is now being rebuilt only as a memoir of the once water management system that serve Manila.

The Museo ng Katipunan where you will learn more bits and pieces of history that are not written in textbooks, like what really KKK stands for which Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan.

San Juan National High School and Science High School are part of the master plan of having schools in the city developed during the time of its former Mayor Joseph Estrada which is continued by JV Ejercito. Part of its plan also is having a estate college university which the PUP.

The Sunctuario of San Juan del Monte and Santo Kristo and some of the century old churches which is a proof of the people's faith and being religious.

Other places visited were the Old City Hall which now part of the San Juan Medical Center, the old pipeline of the El Deposito, the Entertainment and Recreational Arena for the People, the shopping malls and some old houses that make up the now San Juan City.

It was sort of a treat for us, moms like me this Mother's Day. I am really thankful to Mayor Guia Gomez, the mother or San Juan City for letting us know some important facts, stories and history of the places, happenings and development around the city.

Indeed, Mayor Guia is truly a mother taking care the city and the welfare of her constituents. The roots that SenJV never forget to look back.

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