#DearPa is One Quirky and Heartwarming Ode this Father’s Day

6/21/2020 08:33:00 AM

This is probably one of the cutest ode to fathers. It's something light but heartwarming that you'll eventually put a smile in your face and think of your dads.  So, on our dads special day, let's bring the spotlight to the one and only man of the house who always makes the family smile, laugh, and see the silver lining in every situation, especially during tough times.

I'm sure you'll definitely agree with me when I say that each dad has an unparalleled quirky humor, whose optimism will always be a source of strength and comfort for his family. Through the ups and downs, dads never fail to make the family break into laughter with their signature dad jokes and silly antics. That’s why on his special day, PLDT Home sends a reminder to celebrate the funny guy of the home and play along with his silliness with the latest #StoriesAtHome video, #DearPa.

PLDT Home’s latest campaign video is an open love letter of gratitude and appreciation showing just how much the family loves his mischievousness and jokes - no matter how good or embarrassing they are. Because it seems that dads always have something new on their sleeves, the short film begins with a father getting ready for the day, dressing up to the nines, and setting up his phone on the table. In an amusing turn of events though, the dad stretches and begins breaking out his awkward dance moves in front of the camera, trying the latest bust a move online dance craze.

The comical video displays dad at his best, perfectly capturing his personality as an entertainer and comedian who uplifts the family in spite of hard times. It showcases that no matter how embarrassing it may be, it’s OK to let dad have fun with his jokes and completely embrace his uniqueness.

This Father’s Day, PLDT Home honors all dads who have been the source of inspiration and optimism in the family. Show your gratitude to your dads with a warm hug and gratitude for all the unique ways he shows his love for you.

To watch the Father’s Day video, visit this link.

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