My Life... My New Life... My New Normal Life...

6/16/2020 03:34:00 PM

My Life? How’s my life? Am I still okay?

I don’t know how to start this story just like not knowing what will happen next in this kind of life that I have been experiencing the latest trend in the whole world, The Pandemic!

Oh well, I guess, through this story, it will help me overcome the feeling of being scared. Am I frightened? Yes, I am, and not only for myself but for my kids, for my family, relatives, friends, and the whole world! What will happen next to us?!

It is just a community quarantine, right? But what happens next? The ECQ, EECQ, MECQ, and now GCQ, then the next day MGCQ! And because of the so-called “NCOV,” now “Covid-19,” we are quarantined! These abbreviations are new to us, and because of that, the world is now into the “New Normal”!

For the last three (3) months of the quarantine period, I run through my social media accounts, particularly my FB post and I can say that I am a different person now, with a new life, a new normal life! Do I need to be happy and accept it with open arms? Probably yes or maybe not! But I want to shout and tell God that I want my old life back! But it's a big NO! Whispering at the back of my mind, it's a big, big NO!

My new Normal Life, stay at home if you want to be safe, wear a mask if you’re going out, washing of hands or disinfecting with alcohol is now a must! Helping each other by giving some goods, (thankful that from the start of quarantine till now I am not buying rice, yet).

I missed my mom so much, from visiting her once a week together with my kids to don’t know when we will meet again and to have a bonding moment for the whole family.

My nephew from Laguna who always stays with us every Christmas and Summer vacation won't be able to come to us. Now, we always have a video call in our family, as in every day.

As for those who celebrated their birthdays we made sure to have video greetings for them. Since we couldn't celebrate together. I wonder when are we going to have a memorable bonding ever in our lives?

My New Work-Life, from attending events from North to South, to attending press conferences and events via zoom or other online platforms. This is our virtual work-life. We need more extra income to cope up with the expenses that we have.


Right now, I am a reseller of different products. From sweets 'kakanin' to face mask products. I also join contests on social media, like the FB live of Gabing Gabing Na Vice that will have viewers a chance to win cash prizes. I was hoping to win that time, so I can buy supplies for us. Even selling Ice to our neighbors for additional income. I do need additional income. I am a fulltime Mom of my 2 kids. Though I'm at home, I still do some extra income even during the quarantine period. Yes, I'm risking my health and even my family, but what should I do, I need to do it because I am a Mom!

The boring life of my kids, Yeah! My youngest son always says that he is already bored, while my eldest son asks when are we going out Mom? Well, I need to ensure that they won't get bored and as much as possible for them to still be lively and active. But because of the gadgets, phones and the laptop, it gave them a more sedentary activity. And because they are stuck in the four (4) corners of the house, I couldn't keep them off with the gadgets.

 With this, my hubby and I would always have an activity for them from time to time, like a shoot or a video for my youngest son's YouTube channel, the Playfull Gelo, where he does the cooking, unboxing and even FB live.

A big thanks to our Church, for having the annual Vacation Church School, which they did online due to the virus. For two (2) weeks they were so busy.


We even did a Poster making contest in tribute to the frontliners for them just to keep them busy and off with the gadgets.

Aside from my kids, my nephew in Laguna is also busy with his project with the help of my hubby, a video thanking the frontliners in risking their lives for us.

These things are what we did just to let the kids overcome that boredom because of this new normal life!

This is my life, my new normal life rather our new normal life! Let us accept the fact that we are born to experience a world where the only constant is change. The world that gives us failures and hopes, the world that gives us a colorful and wonderful life!

Hey, we are Filipinos, right? We are born to be strong and fight for our lives! Fight! Fight! Fight! Let us all tap our shoulder because we are still alive and be thankful enough that we are all heroes of our family, we did it and we are still doing our best to cross this kind of circumstances as we go through to a better life ahead.

I guess God reminds us all that we are tough whatever situations and He is just beside us. Yeah! My kids can now talk to God and tell Him what is really in their hearts. Let us all embrace the fact that we are now in our new normal life! I want to tell this phrase to all Filipinos in Tagalog! "Kaya Natin To!"

This story is an entry to ComCo Southeast Asia's "Write to Ignite Blogging Project". The initiative is a response to the need of our times, as every story comes a long way during this period of crisis. Igniting and championing the human spirit, "Write to Ignite blog Project" aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities to inspire the nation to rise and move forward amidst the difficult situation. This project is made possible by ComCo Souteast Asia, co-presented Eastern Communications and sponsored by Electrolux, Jobstreet and Teleperformance.

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  1. Super true,daming nag bago sa loob ng 3 months na ECQ,pero marami din tayong natutunan bawat araw.God give us a choice to do something new everyday of our life.

  2. ... Big Yes ! Marami tayong narealize at mas naging malapit tayo sa isat -isa bilang isang pamilya .. At higit sa lahat mas napalapit tayo sa DIYOS ..

  3. Same po mommy. I'm from Davao City & there are also lots of covid cases here. Sa entire Davao region kami po ang kawawa, at nafeel ko talaga na takot ang ibang lugar na pumunta na dito. Pero thanks God our homs is far away from the downtown area where most cases were found.

    I'm embracing the new normal too since I have two kids also po. Keep safe everyone. 💓

  4. Napakarami natin talaga natutunan nung ngka ECQ dami rin nagbago,family ko truely nagsuffer talaga ksi isa isa nagwowork samin husband ko lng tapos no work no pay pa sya kaiyak talaga nangyari ,pero still thankful parin ksi safe kmi at nkkaraos parin

    1. Thanks God po kasi safe po pa rin tayo. Thanks for reading po...

  5. Once again, the resiliency of us, Filipimos is being tested. We are absolutely facing and entering a "new era," that we call "new normal." No matter how we try to go back to our old ways and habits, our hands are all tied that we seem to have lost or no control of what's happening around us. And yes, I definitely agree with you that, as a mom or as a parent, we are always willing and able to do what's best for our family. Thanks for sharing us your story Mommy Angie. 👍👍👍 Keep Safe!!!

    1. Stay Safe Mommy Jing! Thanks for reading and Good Luck on your new business venture. Happy cooking! See you soon po...

  6. Hoping matapos na din soon itong pandemic pero at least mas aware na tayo health natin. Kayang kaya natin ito!


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