Five Types of Dads We Love to Spend Time with at Home Now

6/20/2020 10:33:00 AM

Dads may differ in personalities. There are those who are strict, lenient, and there are those who are very quirky and playful. But there’s one common characteristic that we love about them: they will always have a funny “dad joke” or two on-hand whenever we need them. Before being quarantined at home, dads were busybodies, waking up at five in the morning and going to work for their daily grind. However, the situation in the past few months has required them to stay at home, finding ways to adjust to their new normal, thus exposing and unveiling his all-so-unique charms and quirks for the cringe-worthy enjoyment of the whole family. With Father’s Day around the corner, here’s a tribute to the types of dads everyone has encountered during quarantine:

The BTS (Behind-the-Scene) Dad

He’s the kind of person who loves to work behind the scenes – lenient enough to let the kids discover new things on their own and amply quiet when the wife takes the centerstage for the talk (LOL!). Now that he’s working remotely at home, he’d spend most of his days in his “hidden-from-the-kids” station, answering emails on his laptop, attending online meetings, and even spending sleepless nights catching up with tasks. He does it all to provide for the family during these trying times. And while he is certainly working behind the scenes at home, he knows when to take his breaks and spend time with his family - whether it’s sharing meals on the table, helping the kids with their home studies, or enjoying a relaxing afternoon with his wife.

The Mom’s Right-Hand Man

If he is not busy working, he follows mom around to see how he can help with the household chores. Need help feeding the baby? He is already putting the little one on his high chair and giving him his food. He initiates doing the laundry, but he can be clumsy and forget to separate the whites from colored clothing items. Going on grocery runs? He can be relied on to buy the essential needs, but he would video call the house every five minutes to check if he is purchasing the right items.

The Home Masterchef

Dads love food and there are those who are a natural pro at cooking and know their way around the kitchen. But there are also dads who have spent quarantine trying to level up their cooking skills and watching cooking videos online. He is the type who brings his phone to the kitchen, with the latest cooking video playing as he cooks and follows the recipe. Often, the mom and the kids have to stay by his side and make sure he does not make a mess in the kitchen.

The “Peer-ent”: Ever reliable peer everyone runs to

These days, dads have adopted a new and modern parenting style known as ‘peer-renting’. This allows them to become their kids’ trusted friend, being the one they run to for helpful advice, for when they are heartbroken, or for when they feel down. He is the best at communicating, has a unique humor, and knows the right words to lighten the mood. During quarantine, he has been listening to his kids’ stories, relearning their interests and joining in their favorite activities – whether it is bingeing a TV series or playing a video game.

The Hypebeast Dad

He is the type of dad who is always excited to share the hype at home. He has probably bought the newest video games and gadgets, and stayed up all night playing with his kids. He also loves being updated with the latest online trends so that he will never miss out on a fun discussion at home. As embarrassing as it can be, he even knows TikTok challenges and is always game to record if he gets the chance.

Truly, it is the dads who have made life in quarantine easier and better for the family with their corny jokes and dance moves to show. And with strong connection powered by PLDT Home, you can celebrate with them on his special day and make more fun moments by watching the most viral pranks and enjoying online trends he’d surely want to add to his long list of funny stunts.

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