Milo Dalgona by Playfull Gelo

6/12/2020 03:52:00 PM

Milo is a staple drink in our family. Yah, since I was a child my mother served it to me every morning before I go to school. Now that I have kids, I usually bought Milo every time I do grocery.

We love Milo, right? as much as our kids. My eldest really love it drinking with ice, the iced milo, especially now that summer is here. While my youngest son, his usual drink is milo with  hot water and dips the bread into it and viola a milo with bread for breakfast.

Since its trending now, the Milo Dalgona, of course my son Gelo of Playfull Gelo, did the Milo Dalgona. He really enjoyed on making it as well as drinking on it. After we did the video on how to do Milo Dalgona with Playfull Gelo, I lost count on how many times we did Milo Dalgona for our merienda. Me, well I surely love it very much.


Here's the video on how to do Milo Dalgona with Playfull Gelo!

So Mommies, you can do it also with your kids as part of your bonding moment just like us, especially now that we are still experiencing ECQ or Enhanced Community Quarantine. Enjoy doing it!

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