Meet The KING Of Online Challenge, SIR WIL!

6/25/2020 11:35:00 AM


Life is full of surprises and sacrifices. There are times of joy, and there are times of pain. Just like a wheel, sometimes we're on top, and most of the time, we're at the bottom. Now that we're experiencing a pandemic crisis, where do we fall at the moment?

The feeling of so much fear, worry, and pain are almost everywhere. The hardships and difficulties are almost our daily cry. It seems that we're always on alert, hoping that we won't be the next victim of these COVID 19.

We need to go out, and we want to try our luck, we have mouths to feed and bills to pay. The only thing that makes us strong is our family.

The good in us Filipinos is that we are very resourceful and resilient. We know how to cope up with life in times of struggles. Remember the Bayanihan Spirit, that culture is innate to us that even in small or little things of help is always available. We remember not only ourselves but our fellow Filipino.

Right now, everyone is trying hard to earn a living for their families. There are different approaches and different styles. The good thing that today's technology has brought us is that almost everyone owns a smartphone. It is not a luxury anymore but instead a necessity. With this, it is timely and a gift from heaven that Sir Wilbert Tolentino initiated the Sir Wil Online Challenge.

Sir Wilbert Tolentino or commonly called as Sir Wil, pioneered the Online Challenge to advance his advocacy "Stay Home, Save Lives. We Will Beat COVID 19.” He is one of the successful entrepreneurs in the country, he is one of the leading personalities uplifting the LGBTQia community, and an influencer who uses influence for his advocacy.

So far here are the completed challenges and their winners.

The Queen of Lockdown Transformation 2020- Pagirl / Pahard Challenge (for gay community)
4th Runner-Up (P500 plus 1 sack of rice) – HIRO MAKINANO
3RD Runner-Up (P1,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – KARL GONZALES
2nd Runner-Up (P2,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – AJ CASTRO JOSE
1st Runner-Up (P3,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – GIOVANNI LAZARO FLORES
Grand Winner (P10,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – POPOY SON ROXAS

Sir Wil Extreme Cutie Quest Challenge (for families)
4th Runner-Up (P3,000) – IANNY A. CANILLO
1st Runner-Up (P10,000) – RED REDVINGREY
Grand Winner (P20,000) – MARY LETIM PONCE

ONLINE STAR INFLUENCER Season 1 (for Social Media Influencers)
4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JS ASUNCION
2nd Runner-Up (P10,000) – PRINCESS KHIM SANTILLAN
1st Runner-Up (P20,000) – JAY COSTURA DREAMS
Grand Winner (P50,000) – SACHZNA LAPARAN

ONLINE STAR INFLUENCER Season 2 (for social media influencers)

4th Runner-Up (P10,000) – KURT LAWRENCE BAUTISTA
3RD Runner-Up (P20,000) – DWINE ENRIQUEZ
2nd Runner-Up (P30,000) – CHESTER LAPAZ
1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – BUKNOY GLAMUR
Grand Winner (P200,000) – SHAINA DENNIZ

SIR WIL DRAG QUEEN CHALLENGE - The Ultimate Impersonation Contest (for impersonators and entertainers)
4th Runner-Up (P3,000) – DBLACKBUTTERFLY AIKEE
3RD Runner-Up (P5,000) – TIFFANY
2nd Runner-Up (P10,000) – VINAS DELUXE
1st Runner-Up (P20,000) – KHANDIE SEGOVIA
Grand Winner (P50,000) – LADY IVANA

The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Beki Online Pageant – QUEEN OF BECQI 2020 (for gays and transgender women)

*with special guest judge: the Philippines’ foremost pageant blogger Norman Tinio

4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – BRITNEY MADALI
3RD Runner-Up (P10,000) – PATRICK ISORENA
2nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – LARS PACHECO
1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – MATMAT CENTINO
Grand Winner (P100,000) – MARIANNE CRISOLOGO

WiL or No WiL Online Game Show (open to all)

The King of ECQ Online Search – GINOONG QUARANTINO 2020 ( for entertainment, ramp, TVC male models/ male pageant aspirants)
(special guest judge and commentator: Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry Ammann)
4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JIRO GARCIA
3RD Runner-Up (P10,000) – CZACK BUENAFE
2nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – ROBBY CUBACUC
1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – WIZE ESTABILLO
Grand Winner (P200,000) – ALLEN ONG MOLINA

As of this writing, there are still ongoing challenges, and one of these is the Media Challenge, which is for entertainment, lifestyle, and pageant media who will be able to win a grand prize of Php100,000.00, of course, there are also runner ups and consolation prizes.

This is indeed one initiative that will help a lot so if you think you have the guts to show to the world how creative or talented you are, then these online challenge is for you.

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