Mesh vs. Textile MC Riding Gloves

3/13/2019 05:11:00 PM

If you own a motorcycle and ride it often, you should already know the rules about motorcycle protective gear. You should always wear your helmet to protect your head, long pants to protect your legs, so on and so forth. You know that you should always wear your gloves as well because most bikers wear them. But what are the real reasons?


Wearing motorcycle gloves increases your level of comfort while riding your bike. Motorcycle gloves can absorb much of the vibration that can be felt in the hands while riding. Gloves help prevent the numbing and tingling many riders experience, especially on longer rides. Gloves provide added comfort by protecting your hands from becoming dry and calloused. If the nature of your work involves using your hands considerably, this can be especially important.

Safety and Protection

Gloves with padded palms not only protect your hands from injuries in a fall, but they can also help keep the feeling in your hands and shelter them against the vibrations from the bike. Grip is another safety feature that gloves offer, even in the heat of the summer. When your hands are sweaty from the heat, you tend to loose grip and this can be dangerous. Most gloves have leather or silicone palms that ensure a secure grip.

Another benefit to wearing gloves is protection from sunburns, road debris and even bugs.

Mesh or textile riding gloves? Which type to buy?

Summer Gloves are made for warmer weather and are usually with ventilation, mesh panelling or without a liner for a more comfortable ride in the summer.

Textile motorcycle gloves may be your best choice if staying warm and staying dry are your primary concern. Textile gloves are, to a degree, water resistant and, if they’re backed with a good quality waterproof membrane, they offer the best chance of staying dry on the bike.

Gloves With Style and Performance

Motorcycle gloves come in a wide range of colors, styles, and specifications. Depending on the type of performance you need from your glove, you can select features ranging from stretch mesh finger gussets, silicone prints at the fingertips for maximum grip, padded knuckles for protection, or abrasion-resistant leather. Whether you're looking for all weather riding gloves or simply the best all season motorcycle gloves, you'll find exactly what you need at the online selection on

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