San Juan City Mayor Guia Gomez: A Mother To Family and To the City

3/18/2019 09:11:00 PM

Perhaps I can relate to San Juan City Mayor Guia Gomez of her being the mother, not only to her family but to the entire city. Of course the relate part is only being a mother. Motherhood is a profession and it's a full time job that most of the time overtime is not paid but of course it's the love for the family that makes it fullfiling and satisfying.

Thankfully, I was part of the invited bloggers to have a simple chitchat with Mayor Guia Gomez. Yes, I'm very glad to have met her personally, the mother of Senator JV Ejercito. She is the mother who became the mother of the entire city after replacing her son from being Mayor of San Juan City.

Mayor Guia Gomez, before and currently being mayor of the city has been a public servant by heart. Owning perhaps the true title of being the mother of the city.

During the chitchat with her she was able to share bits of her past to us, bloggers. She was once also an actress in her prime days but was cut short because of knowing she wasn't into it very much. She also shared her time being the mother who loves to spend time with her family, children, and grandchildren.

Mayor Guia's time serving the people of San Juan has done a lot of improvements in the city. Some of them are additional housing programs for the less privilege, job generation and skills training, and the sustainable programs that will eventually free the majority of the San Juaneños from poverty.

Mayor Guia's motherly trait perhaps comes from her parents. Being the eldest child of Dr. Dominador Gomez of Silay City and Paz Guanzon of Iloilo City. Of course there's a saying "kung ano ang puno sya ang bunga" and this qualities she have were passed on to her son Senator JV Ejercito who also excelled in his own achievements.

The mother who cares for her family and to the city.

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