Foskina Teaches First Aid Training on Wound Care Management

3/14/2019 04:48:00 PM

Our family is our top priority, as much as possible we don't want them to get hurt and we are doing our best to give our special care and love for them. When they are hurt or get into accidents, we, parents, should learn to do first aid.  With this, last February, I was able to attend a training by Glenmark Philippines Inc. that taught its attendees to be “first responders” at school and at home.  
Glenmark Philippines, Inc., an affiliate of a leading research-based pharmaceutical company Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, conducted a “First Aid for Kids Training” in this city, through its brand on wound care, Foskina Ointment.

Through the training, held at the SMX Convention Center from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Glenmark aims to increase awareness about the value of knowing the application of basic first aid, particularly among parents and school facilitators of pre-school and kindergarteners.

Kids in this age range are usually prone to cuts, scrapes, and burns, acquired either at home, school or other areas like malls, parks, and playgrounds where they are most physically active. Thus, it is of utmost importance that parents and school facilitators are knowledgeable when it comes to applying first aid as the “first responders” on proper wound care management and in other cases of emergencies.

Among the highlights of the training will cover wound care and burn management, allergies and bites, and CPR and choking. The lectures and hands-on demos will be led by the team behind Early Intervention Management, Dr. Dan Luchangco from the Emergency Department of the Makati Medical Center and Dr. Joy Sto. Domingo, Chairman of the VRP Emergency Medicine Consultants.

It is a big help for us, mommies, to learn more on this kind of training.  For sure most of the moms who attended the training learned more on how to give first aid in case of emergencies. With this, Foskina is a good brand for wounds, this is the brand that we have in our house.

Media partners for the event include Manila Bulletin (Digital), Channel Hue, Experience Travel and Living magazine and Moms & Kids Magazine.

For cuts and scrapes, fix it with Foskina! For more information about Foskina Ointment, visit , or follow them at Instagram (firstaidforkidsph) or

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