Serenitea Gives Back to the Community by Helping Bahay Aruga

3/04/2019 08:32:00 AM

Richard Juan, Bahay Aruga founder is Ms. Mayette Bonilla and the name of Serenitea founders are Juliet Chen (General Manager-North) and Jennifer Wong(General Manager-South

There are many ways to help those who are in need, especially the sick people. Individuals or Organizations are just few of the instrument for helping our kapwa Filipino. Just like God, he will help us when we needed him the most, he make ways to reach out and send instrument to lend his precious help to us.

In line with this, my heart was so much touched when I attended an event initiated by Serenitea. The awarding of the donation collected by Serenitea from their sales to Bahay Aruga. It was really a nice gesture for helping the organization through the business like Serenitea. With Serenitea's ten years of prosperity and success under its belt, the company believes that it's time to give back and share the blessings to the community that put them on the map of beverages. As a culmination of its 10th anniversary celebration, Serenita launched its initiative called #MomentsOfCompassion, which started last year.

The founders of Serenitea, Juliet Chen and Jennifer Wong believe that compassion is the cornerstone of humankind, The founders believe that anyone can help make the world better in their own little way, whether through charitable acts of services or donations. In the case of Serenitea it's the latter.

Bahay Aruga is their sole beneficiary of the proceeds, that was from the sales made from last year for their Brown Sugar series.

Since I have Sons, my eldest is a pre-teen now, when we visited the Serenitea my husband and I explained the said program so that they will understand that there are so many reasons and ways to help needy people. My husband and I also experienced that kind of help from our sponsors who supported our education. With the help of our Sponsors we graduated from College and we are very grateful for that. Truly God send us his helping hand in so many ways.
According to Serenitea, they will continue their mission to serve the best tea, coffee, and snacks in town, while giving back and improving the lives of others through charitable work.

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