Senator JV Ejercito's Universal Health Care

3/26/2019 09:40:00 PM

 One of the recent bill that have been passed and signed by the President is the Universal Health Care, which was authored by one of the busiest legislator, Senator Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito. Not a doctor nor a practitioner of medicine but was able to come up with a bill that will give support to all Filipinos when it comes to health. 
The passing and signing of the Universal Health Care is a good start in uplifting the lives of every Filipino, it is not as perfect as it is presently but will be perfected as it continues. The Universal Health Care is like motorbiking going to different places, it gets better as you ride along. Obstacles and Scenic spots are just like the problems and good point of UHC, it will be develop more as you take the journey. With the help of technologies things will get even smoother. Perhaps this is how Sen JV perceive the UHC when he was doing the initial presentation. He pictures UHC like his travels on a motorbike.
Of course motorbike is just one of the means of transportation and there are more that we can consider when travelling and taking your vacation, specially now that the lenten season is near. There's your usual bus, ferry, and airplane to get you on your destination but I think there's another means that we haven't utilized much, yet, the train. Just like Sen JV's suggested programs in the future.

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