ASCOF's Go Natural With Their Two New Brand Ambassador

6/14/2012 08:14:00 AM

It is always said that two heads are better than one and perhaps that's what ASCOF has think of by having two Winnie's as their newest brand ambassadress, namely Winnie Monsod and Winnie Cordero. Both experts on their field and both mothers that knows best.

Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez hosted the event

As ASCOF gears towards natural healing, they wanted someone that would speak clear about family healthcare and what they think of having an all natural meds.

Gladly I was invited and was able to attend this kind of event because I insights from other Moms as well. Learning doesn't just stops at school, Moms are always in the process of learning and that's for our kids.
Me together with Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez

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It is natural for mothers to want only the best for their families. That is why many moms today are constantly looking for safe and natural ways to care for their loved ones. With easier access to information, more Filipino mothers are rediscovering plant-based remedies based on traditional medicine practices as safer alternatives to chemical preparations. Mothers are now aware that these healthcare products don’t have harmful side effects. This is why it’s no surprise that ASCOF Lagundi is the number one herbal cough and asthma remedy brand and the most successful phytomedicine (or plant-based drug) in the market today. Manufactured by PascualLab, ASCOF is made from 100% natural and all-organic lagundi leaves, grown and nurtured in the company’s own award-winning and certified organic LAC farm.   As the first plant-based medicine registered under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was developed through years of scientific research and validated by clinical trials. Through the years, ASCOF continues to follow the stringent standards of the World Health Organization and the Philippine FDA.

Winnie Monsod and Winnie Cordero
The New Ambassadors of ASCOF

 Today, ASCOF welcomes the newest members of its family, Winnie Monsod and Winnie Cordero, as its brand ambassadors for the campaign towards choosing natural, quality healthcare products. There couldn’t have been two outstanding women – who are among the most trusted media personalities in the country today more fitting to represent what the ASCOF brand is all about. As experts in their respective fields, they are both women of integrity who exhibit passion and dedication to their craft. But behind the scenes, they are also typical Filipino moms who always put their families first. Being firm believers in the healing power of nature, both Winnie Monsod and Winnie Cordero choose to give their families the number one herbal cough and asthma remedy in the market.

Mia Pascual-Cenzon, PascualLab’s Director for Corporate Communications, says that the company is honored to have these two exemplary mothers as ASCOF spokespersons. “Because they are natural moms themselves, they represent the ideals of the brand. They can effectively help relay the message to other women that nurturing their families and providing the best in healthcare can be done naturally, such as choosing an herbal medicine brand that has no harmful side effects, keeping them safe from possible health risks.”

University of the Philippines Economics professor, columnist and noted economist Winnie Monsod, who hosts the hard-hitting news show Bawal ang Pasaway, and has a widely-followed commentary segment on GMA network’s Unang Hirit, has always exemplified truth and fairness to her viewers and students alike. Her integrity is untarnished, her opinions valued by many, and she is respected by people from all walks of life.

TV and radio personality Winnie Cordero is one of the hosts of the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda, where she has become a household name due to her knack for being able to relate current issues to the reality of what is happening in the streets. Her natural candor and charm has endeared her to her viewers and listeners, who appreciate her for her down-to-earth personality and her practical, sensible tips and advices.

These two ‘natural’ mothers join a fellow nurturing mom, Congressional Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez, as ASCOF spokespersons and advocates of safe, natural medicine. Together, they embody the ideals of ASCOF – a product of the highest quality that Filipino families can trust.

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