A Visit Inside the Medium Security, Iron Bar Chef Challenge

6/29/2012 07:45:00 AM

I love to feature different genre here in my blog, it helps discover new experiences, gain new friends, new learning and a lot more.  This time it is something really unusual and this is the first time for me.  It triggers different emotions and feelings at the moment that I received the invites until to the end of that activity.

At first I kept on asking my husband if should I go on this?  He convinced me that I shouldn't be afraid about that place.  So I decided to go.

As we enter the New Bilibid Prison, I felt that I am on the hot seat. Too many question lingering at the back of my mind.  I am so scared that time and I'm afraid to go inside but come to think of it, there was nothing to be afraid of.  So I let my self to be normal without the fears.

When we entered the Medium Security Camp I saw inmates looking at us, perhaps they were eyeing on who has entered their realm. The uneasiness wave off when we've entered the office of Mr. Gerlado Aro, the OIC of the of Prison and interviewed him.  He laid down all the upcoming activities for the medium security camp.

I'm really amazed that there are a lots of programs, activities coming up for the rehabilitation of the inmates. It is really a big help for all the inmates.  Being acknowledge and be given a second chance to live normally is all they've ever wanted that's why such programs are made to make them be more productive.  It was nice seeing those inmates that portrait big difference.  Though I was a bit scared at first but thanks to the explanation of the OIC it changes my thoughts about the inmates.  

One of the reason that we were there was to cover one of their major event, the Iron Bar Chef Challenge.  Lately there were lots of cooking shows that have already been aired into foreign and local channels that showcase the different styles and ways of how different chefs cook their signature dishes.  Some even goes to challenges to measure their extent and capabilities of being a Chef.  

The New Bilibid Prison created this program to inculcate the innate artistry of this inmates through cooking.  So different groups inside the prison participated and we, as bloggers, does our part as well in covering this event and also be the judge of their cooking talents.    

If it wasn't inside the prison you would thought that this people with aprons are Chefs.  They were all talented and skilled.  They sure did bring out what they have learned and experienced from cooking.  But of course in every competition there are those who wins and there are those who loses and for this matter the declared winner of the challenge was the Group No. 4, the YUM YUM group.  The taste of their food was really amazing, especially their dessert.  

So many learning, realization and overcoming.  It is indeed a different experience.   Now, my notion about them changed.  I really acknowledge and thank those companies who support the rehabilitation of the inmates.

Oh, is this really new? Yeah, this is also new to me. 'Till next unusual post...

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