Gelo's 2 in 1 Celebration

6/01/2012 04:06:00 AM

Plans are made to be broken!  Hmmm... sounds like a famous quote.  Yes it is but I change it a bit.

So, what does it mean?  Well, before May 11, 2012, we have created lots of plans and assured that it will go that way.  We've finalized it that we are going to have 2 celebrations for our dearest youngest son, Gelo.  We have agreed to have May 11 as the date of his Christening and May 12 as the celebration of his Birthday.

Well, in the end, we celebrated it just once.  Hahaha, funny it is because we changed the plan few days before the day of the event.  We just have the Christening in the morning and then the reception and birthday celebration afterwards at KFC Tandang Sora.  It is just a simple celebration for our son, Gelo and for our visitors.   Then with the help of Dicky, my sister-in-law's husband made the celebration fun by being the emcee.  We just made a few games for the kids and for the adults as well.  And that's how the celebration made and ended.

I just want to thank all our visitors, the Godfather and Godmother who attended and our dear Pastor Bong Mangubat, my family and relatives, my in-laws. Thank you for being with us during the simple celebration.

Thank God for the day and for everybody because Gelo and Maki enjoyed the Party.

'Till next post..I think my M, my loves,  my husband will be the one who will celebrate his birthday soon.

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