A better choice...

7/02/2012 01:40:00 AM

It's been 2 months since I resigned from my work. It's been 2 months that I am still happy with my choice. Although, in every decision that we make there is always pros and cons. On the negative side first, since there are lots of good things happen with this decision.

On the negative side, we really need to squeeze our budget. Before, when I was still working our salary were enough or break even but now, i can say that its almost negative.  But we need to be strong as we struggle in this financial problem.  For me, there is always a way to ease and triumph in our life.

Well, better stop on those negative side, let's have the positive vibes now.

Positive side, I can now bond with my kids all the time, especially if I don't have event to attend to.  I personally prepare their food and for my eldest before he goes to school.  I also prepare his uniform, bag and other things.  Most important I can teach him on his assignment and some reviews.   And also to focus and take good care of my youngest son which is really an awesome experience.  I've heard in one the events that "Parents should enjoy your kids specialy when they are still small". Enjoy, yeah, I'm really enjoying it now and having the best experience with them all the time.

Aside that, I am also enjoying the blogging side, attend some events, meeting different people, gaining friends and learn a lot as well.  Who said that I cannot practice my intellectual capability. Whow wait a minute I could say that I'm already practicing it now and almost every minute.

Okay lastly, the good thing is that I have already put up a little store in our house.  Selling anything under the sun.  That's my busy life after resignation.

Hope that blessings will continue and ease that negative side.

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