SM Kids K-Pop Rising Star

7/27/2012 05:54:00 AM

Hey Mommies, I have good news for your kiddos. And of course your son and daughter would love it too.

Dressing up our kiddos are very fun to do especially if they are going to attend kiddie parties and some events for them. We really give happiness to our kiddos if we do shopping and dressing up them.

In this good news I have, it will give bonding moment for the family especially the mommy and kid, of course mommy love dressing up their kids.

Nowadays, K-Pop has been the in for the kids and for some youth. They want to dress up as a Korean do. So, without further explanation, SM Kids have something for us, the SM Kids Toon Fest K-Pop Rising Star.

Girls will enjoy SM Toon Fest's wide range of choices, from Winnie the Pooh's colorful 70's disco party girl polka dots and stripes, to Betty Boop's posh, classic pieces with modern tweaks. Boys, on the other hand, can dazzle with a combination of preppy and urban street clothing elements from Garfield, Cars, and Snoopy. Kids are going to have a blast mixing and matching ensemble pieces to create their own signature K-Pop-inspired looks with the help of their favorite toons.

To showcase the new collections, SM Toon Fest is holding a search for its K-Pop rising star. The song , dance, and lip-synch competition invites boys, girls and groups age 2-14 to let their inner superstars out for a shot at the spotlight and the PhP100,000.00 grand prize.

Here are some outfit with K-Pop inspired during the press con of SM Kids. Some example you can choose and give you some idea, but better do anew outfit to give your kiddos a  better one.

Check the mechanics here K-POP RISING STAR.

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