PBB Teens Press Conference

7/23/2012 12:10:00 PM

Pinoy Big Brother has been part of the night routine in our house. Even my 4 years old son knew the names of the latest PBB Teens. So it is really a pleasure to meet the PBB Teens Big 4.

My son was really amazed when he saw my pictures with the PBB Teens, he just said "Wow mommy you're so nice with Myrtle, Karen, Joj and Jai and Roy". Yah, he really know all the names of PBB Teens.

It was nice to talk to them specially the Twins. Well, I am feeling so exhausted when I am talking with the Twins because of their dialect tone, LOL, but really so nice to talk with them, they are so jolly. Being independent, responsible and be yourself are some of the traits that learned inside PBB House.

While Roy is just a shy boy but full of dreams.He is really humble. And he gained confidence during the PBB Teens

While Karen, I was so shocks when she told us her age, she is only 15 years old, and she is talking as matured one. But modesty aside, he just realized what she did while inside the PBB house and now she is nice because she is now obeying what her parents told her, that she needs to be careful and don't decide immediately especially on her feeling, she is still young and so many things will happen, just wait on the right time for everything. Here are some traits that karen realized during the PBB Teens, needs to control your talk, learn from your mistake and change your self to a better one.

Myrtle the Big Winner, We are so shocks when she came out she is portraying her passion the cost playing. She really love it and she dance while wearing the costume. She will continue her schooling, since she is now late to enroll she is now into home schooling and hoping next semester to enrol in a big school. She will continue her passion, the cost playing,

Let us just watch out for the upcoming projects of the Big 4 in ABS CBN.

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