A Family that SHOPS Together, Bonds Together at The Great Northern Sale

7/15/2012 01:00:00 AM


Well, there are different kinds of bonding moment that you can spend with your Family. My Family went into a bonding treat. And we sure love it. It was the Great Northern Sale of SM City North Edsa.

My Family was lucky that I was able to get a shopping spree courtesy of SM. It was a GC!  An addition to what we are going to spend during the sale.  Since I got it early, I already have a plan on what things I am going to buy. I just thought of something wareable that my family will enjoy.

A Sleep wear! At first we went to the toddler section. Since my 1 year old son is rapidly growing, I  need a sleep wear that fits on him. Gladly, we found 2 sets of sleep wear. This is not actually on sale but I thought this is a good buy already.  He really enjoy the color and would really love to wear the pajama and the sando which I thought comfortable for him to wear at night. The two Sando costs 159.75 while the set of Pajama is 139.75 for a total of 299.50.  Thrifty enough ain't it!  And good news there still enough for me to buy for my self.

So next stop, the section for myself.  So where it is?   Well, we asked a sales lady for this one because we kind of lost for a while.  When we got the instruction we head on to that section and choose some great buys.  Since our theme for this sale is sleep wear, I tried to look for some sleep wear that I could wear comfortably during at night.  So what did I get?   I got 2 shorts amounting to PhP59.75 and 49.75 and 1 pajama costs 99.75, another great find isn't it?  It's really comfortable and nice to wear.   There is still more to spend....what will be next?

Of course we stroll around more to find some more sales and discounts, different accessories, apparels, pants, and other stuff.  I think I've seen discounts from 10% to 50%.  Too bad we didn't have enough spare money to get all those items on sale.  Perhaps on their next sale we could have more spare money to get most of their discounts.   We really had fun and a bonding moment with my kiddos.

Look my family looks very happy with our new sleep wear.

Hurry up spend your bonding moment at SM City North EDSA Great Northern Sale to experience something really unusual.

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