Get That Confidence and Make The Singing Magically Extreme With Xtreme Magic Sing

7/09/2013 04:31:00 AM

Who loves to sing? Of course all the Filipinos love it.  The only question is...does the song love or like us? Hahaha!   Well kidding aside,  today Filipinos are already raking the popularity when it comes to singing.  We are a very proud country to have a number of singers, locally and internationally.  To name a few of the proud Filipino singers who have been known locally and internationally are Leah Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Sarah Geronimo, Arnel Pineda, Apple De Ap, Billy Crawford and so many to tell.  They've been famous for their crafts because of their love for music and singing.

My Family is one of those Filipino family who dearly love to sing.  We may not have the best and powerful voice but hey we could sing and we can at least hit the right notes.  Way back when I was still single we used to have a magic sing.  I remember the old black design of the magic sing with chips that you can place and replace depending on the songs that you want to be shown in the selection.  We did a lot of family bonding with that magic sing.  From birthday celebration to graduation or even just a weekend without anything to do as long as everyone is around and whether it is rain or shine we would sing till we drop.  Not literally drop but of course if we run out of energy to sing.  Unfortunately, the device has its life span and it had serve its use for so long already.  Not really sure if it was due to its life span or we did over used it, hahaha!

The moment with our magic sing did make our Family's closeness even tighter and we spend more time with each other.  It did not only lessen the expenses in going out but made gain a little more confidence with my self.  Lot of things changed and developed on my part and like I said confidence is one.  Another is that I'm not afraid to sing when asked to sing but of course I should know the song first before I agree to sing it.

Of course I want to have that kind of bonding moment again and thanks to the abundance of magic sing.  Right now we can make it happen, perhaps sooner.  To date, there quite a number of magic sing in the market with different styles and features.  One of which is the Xtreme Magic Sing which have some variety to choose from like the Diamond, Platinum and Karat Xtreme Magic Sing.  If you want to know how they are differentiated here are their specification.

Diamond Xtreme Magic Sing
- 2 Digital Wireless Microphones
- High Definition (HD) Picture and Video Background
- HD Movie and Music Playback
- Includes songs by Adele, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J with 2,627 Built in songs including 800 OPM Favorites
- Hi Fidelity Sound Quality
                                                        - Personalized Video & Picture Background
                                                        - Photo slide show with background Music
                                                        - Real time song, artist and lyric Search
                                                        - musical note display
                                                        - smart echo adjustment
                                                        - song recording
                                                        -  4 song chip slots
                                                        - dual video output - analog & digital
                                                        - USB Flash Drive and HDD Compatible

Platinum Xtreme Magic Sing
- 1 digital wireless microphone with controls
- 1 high quality wired microphone
- Includes songs by Adele, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J with 2,422 Built in songs including 741 OPM Favorites
- 6 song chip slots
- MP3 Sound Quality - 25 songs with real instruments sound
- real time songs and artist search
- voice multiplex for selected popular songs
- 8 interactive built-in games
- save personalize settings for up to 100 of your favorite songs
- reserve your top favorite songs up to 100 numbers of chosen songs

 Karat Xtreme Magic Sing
- Plug and Play instantly into your TV
- all in one Portable videoke microphone
- more than 2,300 built in songs with over 600 OPM favorites
- user friendly menus and controls
- record and play songs
- real time songs and artist search
- save personalized settings for up to 100 of your favorite songs
- 4 song chip slots for song content expansion
- with 8 interactive games

Now, since there are plenty of models and styles to choose from I think I would have one to bring back that confidence.  I remember in one of the events I have attended I was asked to sing.  I have no choice but to sing so I sung.  The good part is that I did get a good praise about my voice but the only problem is my confidence to let it be heard.  I over heard this phrase from them “you know what Angelyn have a beautiful voice but she is not confident that's why she cannot sing well”, see!   Perhaps my confidence will be greater if I would have that Diamond Xtreme Magic Sing, Hehehe!


I want my kids to have the confidence that I once have.  It would be better while they are still young.  So having one Xtreme Magic Sing in house would be of great help for me and for my kids too, especially now that I'm a full time Mom.  It will also help the kids lessen their time playing in the computer or with our mobile phone.  I also wanted my kids to be a church choir member like me and my hubby and spend their precious time in a worthy thing.  So I'm praying  hard for this magic sing.

So mommies are you also a type of person that want to spend more bonding moments with your kids? Better choose the best partner for a worthy and joyful bonding moments, get the Xtreme Magic Sing!

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  1. Awww nice post, Angie. I really felt that. And you've such cute kids! I know they're gonna grow up just like their parents, musically inclined and has the love for their family. Way to go!!!


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