The Jollitown Kids Show Coming Very Soon!

7/15/2013 11:18:00 PM


Jollibee, as we all know are love by kids and I can attest to that because even my kids love Jollibee.  My kids eyes glows wide whenever they hear the name Jollibee and as for my little one he would say "bee" whenever he sees the face of Jollibee, whether it is on billboards, toys, or on newspapers and what's more is that when they see their show on TV.   

In line with this, I am so excited to share to you what happened a few weeks ago but I think my kids are much more excited than I am.  We were invited on one of the shooting of the upcoming and newest season of Jollitown "The Jollitown Kids Show".   Well as expected before the day of the shooting my eldest son "Maki" were very much eager.  He kept on asking me how many sleep to go before the said shooting. Excited much!

My kids, particularly my eldest, were given an opportunity to watch the shooting and of course to be with the other kids participating in the shoot.  At first, Maki was so amused with the surroundings, colorful sets, the mascots (of course the whole cast of Jollibee), the cast of the show and the kids who really enjoys the moment.

The kids were asked to dance with the mascots.  So my son dance with them as well while my youngest son is just contented watching them.  They are so happy and  delighted with the Jollitown.

After the shooting my son, Maki, keeps on asking when they will watch Jollitown on TV.  My son loves watching it and we religiously watch and we are really hooked by this show.

This is the new offering from Jollibee and Jollitown, the Season 6 which is entitled as "The Jollitown Kids Show".  This is a live and interactive show together with the interaction of Jollibee Kids Club members who gets the chance to be part of the live audience, just like my kids!

Kids learn while having fun - each episode teaches cherished Filipino Values - from teamwork, friendship and generosity, to staying healthy and caring for the environment.  Storytelling song and dance performances, plus new, fun and educational segment such as the Jollibee Kids Club Corner.  There will be a surprise guests every week.

 Here are the Jollitown gang. The energetic trio of Justin, Gabbi and Hannah play and learn with Jollibee and friends. Hetty the bubbly and lively cheerleader. Sing, dance and shine like a star with the talented Twirlie.  Get Sporty and play some games with the athletic Popo.  Explore Science and get creative with techie Yum. Play and learn with Jollibee the love of all the kids, the favorite friend of everyone.

Join Jollibee and friends as they learn and play! Watch out for the season premiere on July 20, 2013 every Saturday, 8:40am to 9:10am on GMA 7.

Don't miss an episode and have fun and bonding moment with your kids at Jollitown season 6 "The Jollitown Kids Show".

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