Starting Over Again with Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga

2/20/2014 05:00:00 AM

The best way to enjoy February, the love month, is to have a date.  Perhaps it is much better if it is done with your love ones and as for me, who is a mom already, spending it with my husband and kids makes it even more memorable, especially on Valentine's Day.   But of course there are also some 'we' time with my hubby alone and movie date is one of them.  Since movie date is somewhat a romantic, I guess, hahaha.

Timely, that Star Cinema's offering "Starting Over Again" created by the Blockbuster and award-winning director Olivia M. Lamasan and critically acclaimed writer Carmi Raymundo, featuring the Philippines' "Ultimate Heartthrob" Piolo Pascual and actress-singer-host Toni Gonzaga, is just in time for Valentine celebration.  Couples can enjoy the movie and spend the time together.

Here is the sypnosis of the movie:

Toni plays Ginny – bubbly, brilliant and driven – who, as a student in Architecture romantically pursues Marco (Piolo), a professor. Eyebrows may be raised but the two genuinely fall in love, until one day, Ginny left for no apparent reason, breaking Marco’s heart into a thousand pieces. Years later, their paths cross again: Ginny has the successful career that she dreamed of while Marco is now a chef… with a new ladylove in Patty (played by the exquisite Iza Calzado). Seems like they are all happy. But wait… Ginny wants Marco back. The journey of second chances begin with Ginny chasing Marco again. But will this have a happy ending or will it end again in heartbreak?

Joining Piolo, Toni and Iza in this not-your-usual romantic comedy are young but amazing talents Joross Gamboa, Bryan Santos, Edgar Allan Guzman, Cai Cortez and Beauty.

According to Ms. Toni Gonzaga, this movie tackles new beginning, take chances, overcoming regrets and to love again.

"This is a Romance Drama with a light moments" added by Direk Olivia M. Lamasan. She explained also that this movie is not a Romantic Comedy (romcom) because when you are talking about the career of the person you cannot into romcom.

Iza Calzado said that this movie is something you really don't want to miss, you'll get hooked by just watching the trailer only.

While on the other hand, Piolo Pascual explained that the film is a "roller coater ride" and "something real for the audience to experience.

Most of the cinemas today are all sold out already.  In just three days the movie had already reached a whooping 100M and still gaining more.

So will definitely watch this movie this coming weekend with my lifetime partner, my hubby.  So watch out for our review on this.

Watch the trailer here:

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