Skating Rink and Bowling Center at SM Mega Fashion Hall Opens

2/18/2014 08:35:00 PM

As the year started, SM opens their newest entertainment center at their newly opened SM Mega Fashion Hall. The Bowling Center and Ice Skating Rink are the newest and the coolest entertainment hubs in the metro which are located on the 4th and 5th level respectively.

I never tried skating, well, I am pretty sure I will not, but I will let my sons try it one of these days.  It was a freezing afternoon when they officially opened the SM Skating Rink, an exciting venue for leisure made its mega comeback in SM Megamall. The second Olympic-sized ice skating rink in the country has arrived to where it was first inaugurated in 1992. Indeed, the coolest place in town as it brings winter to the Mega Fashion Hall.
Next is the SM Bowling Center, I love bowling, I do play it since college, actually that was my PE before. Very enjoyable and fun playing it with my friends. Now that I have my own Family, will try to do a somewhat tournament, hahaha.  One of these days, we will have our bonding moment over a Bowling Tournament between Team Mommy Angie and Team Daddy Marco.

The SM Bowling Center features a cutting-edge technology, the Bowler Entertainment System X (BES X), which allows customers to enjoy the game by combining the essentials of bowling and the most advanced offering of this new entertainment system to the market. This innovation permits patrons to chat with other bowlers while playing, and post their final game scores in their own Facebook walls. It also has the most updated scoring system, a first in SM Bowling Center, which gives the customers an option  to personalize their digital score board with their own photos, as it is driven to pursue fun and connection with today’s digital age.

The proposition of the newest bowling center in the metro brings in a package of all-in entertainment, with 14 state-of-the-art, fully-automated and synthetic bowling lanes, trendy billiards and videoke rooms. Adding to the newest attraction is today’s most sought after gaming console, the PlayStation 4, which has the premium technical achievement in terms of graphics and gameplay, with its advanced controller, Dualshock 4 which will surely add excitement to the gaming experience.

SM Ice Skating Rink and SM Bowling Center is now open to relive your mega experience in the newest and the coolest bonding venue for the whole family and friends.

So let your family date at the mall with these exciting coolest entertainment that your kids will definitely enjoy every bonding moment as a whole family.

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