BUM Unleashed The Reali-TEE with Their New Ambassadors

2/26/2014 11:03:00 PM

Mom discovered new styles as BUM Unleashed their latest line of clothing and of course their newest brand ambassadors.  For moms who's also into simple fashion, BUM is just in time for the change of season, from cold to vibrant colors.  The mysterious dark aura isn't alone anymore as BUM make the big change which is lead by their newest set of brand ambassadors that embodies and reinforce BUM's street-cred.  These new lad and lass are Ella Cruz, Nash Aguas, Jane Oineza and Diego Loyzaga and still with Bea Binene.

For a mom who got two boys, knowing what's hip and what's hot is important.  I need to get into the groove with my kids.  I don't want them to be outdated so I got a chance to witnessed the big change in BUM as the fashion show in unleashed their newest brand campaign "Unleash Your Reali-TEE" which was held at Elements Centris, March 12, 2014.  BUM’s new campaign is a street-style-inspired collection that includes summer brights, galaxy prints, and the signature Goth-inspired pieces that matches with the brand ambassadors personality.

Seventeen-year-old Kapamilya actress Ella Cruz, whose launching pad was the fantasy series Aryana and comedy show Goin’ Bulilit, is a breath of fresh air for the brand. Ella has a bubbly personality and always wearing a smile as bright as the colors that she wears. “Alam ko kasi ang damit talaga ang BUM more on blacks dati. Kaya nong nagkaroon ng bright colors ang BUM, natuwa ako kasi ganon talaga ako manamit,” says Ella. “And I like the fact that the brand and I share the same qualities. I like being myself. I don’t pretend to be something I am not just to blend in or just so people would accept me.”

“This represents the new Ella, a fiercer Ella,” says the former child star, who is celebrating her 18th birthday in August. “Nakakatuwa pala to try something new,” she says. “Sometimes we are afraid to experiment or explore. What we don’t realize is that we are missing out on the chance to experience something wonderful because we are afraid of trying.

Fifteen-year-old Nash Aguas is also in that stage. Nash, who became a household name through Goin’ Bulilit, is also going through that transition, from being a child actor to a dashing, young man.

“After I did Goin’ Bulilit, I didn’t do any TV appearances and projects much. I went to the States. After three months, I got home. I wore braces. After a year, I started appearing in shows again.”

The former winner of ABS-CBN’s 2004 talent search Star Circle Quest, where he was proclaimed the Grand Kid Questor, says that a lot has changed since his Goin’ Bulilit days. His personal style in clothes, for one, has matured and has been influenced by his varied interests.

“My style depends on my current favorites,” says the 15-year-old actor. “May time na nahilig ako sa skateboard so gusto ko rin non ’yong skater-boy style. When I discovered the rock band My Chemical Romance naman, I wore black most of the time. Ang hindi mawawala sa aking wardrobe ay plain white T-shirt and jeans.”

Nash admits that he has a hard time mixing and matching colors. “Mahina ako sa color combination. Before, I would search in the internet for tips how guys mix and match colored pieces. I still didn’t get it. When I am not confident about my choices, I would just wear white T-shirt and jeans.”

Turns out, Nash’s preference for simplicity makes him a standout. The old-reliable white-shirt-and-jeans ensemble still is the most stylish getup for a man, especially for someone so young and promising like Nash. “I really wear BUM because its clothes really fit my style,” says Nash, who is also a talented guitarist. “Naging madali na to make my getup stylish kasi BUM has cool printed tops. I would just pair these with jeans and I’m good to go.”

Jane Oineza is a self-confessed “one of the boys.” While she doesn’t mind wearing dresses and girly outfits for her TV guestings and other showbiz stints, the 17-year-old Kapamilya actress admits that she’s more comfortable in jeans and shirts. “I’m the kind of girl who actually wears BUM kind of clothes,” she says. “I like being comfortable, but at the same time stylish and classy. People would tell me to wear flats and girly clothes. But me kasi I like wearing sneakers, comfy pants, and shirts.”

Jane Oineza, who has appeared in ABS-CBN primetime teleseryes Aryana, Juan Dela Cruz, and Muling Buksan ang Puso, describes herself as easygoing, fun, and laidback. In her spare time, she plays the guitar. To keep herself active, she likes slugging it out with the boys on the basketball court. When she has time to spare, Jane also swims and plays badminton. Jane may be a little quiet at times, but when the need arises, she isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.

“As much as I can, I try to live my life like an open book. Kung paano talaga ako, ganon ako makisama sa ibang tao. Walang pretensions, walang walls. That’s why I am really happy to be part of the BUM family. The clothes represent the real me,” she adds.

Completing BUM’s new “rebel five” is Carlos Diego Loyzaga, the 18-year-old son of Cesar Montano and former actress Teresa Loyzaga, who is now based in Australia.

Diego, who grew up in Australia, is the care-free one. He is friendly, outspoken, and spontaneous. “I haven’t met anyone who’s like me,” he says with a laugh. “I’ve met a few who look like me. But not really me.” On his free time, he turns to his first love: music. “I like playing the guitar and singing. Mana kay erpats, e,” Diego adds.

When he wants to get away from it all, Diego hops into his car and drives all the way to Antipolo with his friends. “We didn’t do anything there,” he says. “We just drove up there and enjoyed the view of the metro. After an hour, we went back to Manila. We drove with the windows down, just feeling the breeze, the cool winds, the trees. I grew up in Australia so I’m used to an environment that’s fresh. I always look for something like that.”

It’s this unbridled passion for the outdoors and traveling that makes Diego a perfect fit for BUM. “Fashion changes a lot. And I express what I feel and what I am through the clothes I wear. I can pull off jeans, shirts, and boots, sometimes, high-tops ganon. Shorts, top, necklace, watch, then topsider shoes,” he explains.

Diego says he doesn’t read fashion blogs or flip through magazines to check out the latest trends. What he does is he turns to his girl friends for sartorial tips. “Nakikita ko lang through my friends. In a way, I don’t have to read anymore because they would share what they know.”

BUM’s current endorser Bea Binene is thrilled that four new image model have joined the BUM family who would take the brand even farther. She says that they’re a perfect addition, especially because she has finally found a gang of talented individuals who share the same interests, ideas and fashion sense as hers.

“BUM really fits my style,” says the 16-year-old Kapuso actress, who is now marking her third year with the brand. “Just like Jane and Ella, I am not the type of girl who likes dresses. I prefer wearing the color black. Even BUM’s previous campaigns, which were all about dark colors, represent my real style.”

Although she likes wearing dark-colored clothes, Bea says that her personality is far from gloomy. “Siguro ’yon naman ’yong opposite don. I’ve always been a positive person. Once you get to know me, I’m actually friendly and bubbly. It’s just that I’ve always been more comfortable in dark clothes.

What’s important for Bea is how she expresses herself. “I don’t live to please people. I just dress the way I want. I certainly don’t dress to impress others. Ako ’yong tipo na I welcome everybody’s beliefs. I may always not agree with your opinion, but since it is yours, I will respect it. Ang sa akin naman, you just have to accept me for what I am. Kung ayaw mo ako, salamat.”

So, meet the five “rebels” who dare to break free from the dictates of mainstream fashion and reveal their true style identity. They are encouraging you to do the same.

Watch out for BUM’s new rebels in the coming months.

BUM’s Summer 2014 Collection is now available in leading department stores.


For more information about Unleash Your RealiTee, visit www.bumequipment.com.ph or follow them through their facebook, twitter and instagram @officialbumph

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