Hattendo Offers Cream Buns Wrapped In Furoshiki for Unique Gifts

12/12/2015 06:05:00 AM

Give a japanese omiyage this holiday! Hattendo OFFERS CREAM BUNS WRAPPED IN FUROSHIKI FOR UNIQUE GIFTS

Of all the holidays, Christmas is known to be the Season of Giving.

This season, Hattendo offers you omiyage in furoshiki.

Omiyage is the Japanese version of Filipino pasalubong. Though unique in their own way, both omiyage and pasalubong is given to family and friends as a token.

Furoshiki, on the other hand, is an ancient Japanese tradition. It is a method of wrapping gifts and carrying items such as bento boxes, bottles or even books, using only a piece of cloth.
When Hattendo opened its first store in the Philippines, it was introduced as Japan's coolest omiyage. In fact it is so popular in Hiroshima, people line up outside its store in Mihara early in the morning just to get first pick of the cream buns. Mihara store serves about 500 buns, and always sold out before noon.

Give your loved ones something unique, Hattendo Japanese cream buns wrapped in Furoshiki this holiday season!

There are different designs to choose from, such as floral prints, plaid and polka dots. For orders and reservation, please call 09228886828 or 09228818828.

Social Media Accounts and Contact Details:
Facebook: Hattendo Philippines
Instagram: @hattendophilippines
Twitter: @hattendo_ph
Email: hattendo@c3ppi.com
Website: http://hattendo.ph

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