Nido 5+ and 3+ Comes with the Free Backpack For Your Adventurous Kids

12/09/2015 06:55:00 AM

My kids are very adventurous and imaginative, there are times that I see them play around as if they were on a different world and sometimes they create their own costume out of pieces of clothing they see, like the blanket and their small pillow. I really love seeing both of them being creative with their imagination.

As a mommy, I give them the protection and energy they need to do all the things they love to do. And what's even great is that my kids are #LakingAmazing with Nido 5+. Now Nido comes with a Free backpack featuring Jake from Disney Junior's and the Never Land Pirates!
As we, all moms always wanted for our kids are the best and Nido 5+ offers the best of Nestle Research. It is the only milk brand that has Lactobacillus Protectus meaning it has millions of live good bacteria in it that helps build our child's bodily defenses. Nido attest that this unique probiotic can only be found in every glass of Nido 5+ along with these other essential nutrients, like the Calci-N which helps in building healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption, DHA plus ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine these play an important role in our child's brain structure development. So much nutrients that will sure make our kids healthy and strong.

Not only that kids enjoy the full flavor of milk with nutrients they will also enjoy the free Jake and the Never Land Pirates backpack that comes in two designs. They are as exciting as they are handy, making them the perfect accessory for every young treasure hunter. There are also Sofia the First backpacks up for grabs for fans of the playful, outdoor-loving princess. Collect all 4 now.
This latest bundle is a limited time offer exclusive to 1.2kg packs of Nido 3+ and Nido 5+. Available in leading supermarkets nationwide until December 15 or until supplies last. Each Nido 3+ 1.2kg or NIDO 5+ 1.2kg pack comes with only one (1) bag.
Hurry buy now and let your kids enjoy the limited offer from Nido #LakingAmazing.

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