Nutri10 Plus For A Pre Term Kid Like Gelo

12/21/2015 05:50:00 AM

Our kids are precious, my husband and I really love them very much that we make sure they are our top priority. Giving them the best for them when it comes to their health and wellness. Like what I have posted here on this blog our youngest son,Gelo is a very fragile one, though he is now 4 years old we still put extra care for him.

Like his Kuya Maki, I already introduced Gelo with Nutri10 Plus. Gelo is an easy-drinker of medicines and vitamins, though this particular vitamins is new to him he still manage to gulp down the syrup. As I usually does with my kids I give a big big hug after they take their vitamin, Nutri10 Plus.
He is so very active, hyperactive I should say and I don't know where he does get that full amount of energy. He is not thin nor fat and according to his pediatrician his weight is just right for his age.

Nutri10 Plus is a good help for me and for my kids as food supplement to make them more active and perform well on their school activities. Since Gelo is prone to diseases, Nutri10 Plus helps in keeping the immune system strong that makes me more of a worry-free for the health of my kids.

Here are the benefits of Nutri10 Plus and their brand endorser, Alonzo Muhlach.

It is indeed that health is very important, right mommies? If you want to boost your kids' active life style try Nutri10 Plus.

Since it's Christmas time, I will share one of the blessing that we received to my nieces and nephews about the good news of Nutri10 Plus brings. For sure their mommies will love to give them Nutri10 Plus. Watch out for this, as my kids will be a Nutri10 Plus Santa Claus.

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