Nutri10 Plus For My Kids

12/02/2015 06:20:00 AM

Nutri10 Plus is really a big help for my eldest son since I continuously give it to him. Before, Maki, looks pale and tired when he comes home after school. I am so worried about my kid's health, gladly there was Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement that  makes Maki more active and healthy since day 1.

According to WERT Philippines, Nutri10 Plus Syrup helps to ensure your child a healthier body and mind, greater vitality and energy, and greater resistance to disease.
I also found out that Nutri10 Plus is packed with vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients that our body needs, it contain sodium citrate that makes the urine less acidic. Sodium Benzoate protects the brain from high ammonia level and it has Ponkan flavor that makes every drop delicious for the kids taste.

I am now also giving it to my youngest son, Gelo. I am very particular on Gelo's health since he is a pre-term baby. He is now taking vitamin C and I assure that he takes it everyday. Before I am giving him another vitamins to boost his appetite, but I noticed that he eats a lot already and got a good appetite so I stop that vitamins.

For now, I am just observing the effect of this Vitamins to Gelo, watch out for my blog about the development of Gelo's health since I am giving it to him religiously.
On the other hand, Alonzo Muhlach is their brand endorser who is really a talented and active kid . I noticed it one time when I attended a blogcon on Alonzo's movie, he is so very active and talk a lot in front of his interviewer.

For more information, visit there facebook account here.

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