Introducing: Hattendo "Chilled Cream Buns"

12/10/2015 05:34:00 PM

HATTENDO takes pride in presenting "Chilled Cream Buns" to new Asian market with 80+ years of experience to the highest quality of its products.

Chilled Cream Buns is a new food concept – a combination of sweets and bread that tastes great when chilled. It’s not your ordinary bread. A soft bun with cream filling so delectable, it will melt in your mouth.

In 2014, HATTENDO sought out partners outside Japan to share its success, offering dealership in many store formats.

The Hattendo History

"HATTENDO" is named after a small shrine that stood centuries in Hiroshima, Japan. Travelers used to rest at this small temple and prayed for their safety."HATTENDO" also means "unlimited prosperity.“

Mr. Kaoru Morimitsu, the original founder, believed HATTENDO should be the brand name of his new venture, and opened the very first store in 1933.

From then on, Hattendo became a family business and the secret recipe for delicious pastries was passed on from one generation to the next.

The company's success has continued for more than 80 years, and comes from its authenticity and the high quality of its products and services.

The tradition of Hattendo lives on.

How cream buns are made

In order to ensure great taste and safe food, the bread-making, cream preparation, and wrapping are all done by hand inside the Hattendo Factory at Hiroshima, Japan.

1. Making the bread

The dough is very delicate. It must always be handmade so that it is never subjected to vibration or shock.

The dough is made by mixing flour, water, yeast, and other ingredients in an environment of complete hygienic control. After the first rise, the dough is divided carefully so as not to damage it, and then shaped by hand. The dough is then allowed to rise to a soft texture again in a fermentation chamber that is kept at the correct temperature and humidity. When the fresh-baked bread is taken from the oven, the plant is filled with a rich, sweet aroma.

2. Preparing the cream

This is an important step that cannot be left solely to machines. The cream is prepared under careful human supervision.

The ingredients for the cream filling are mixed carefully and cooked gently in a large pot. This step is the key, as the staff judge the quality of the cream by its viscosity, color, and water content. The resulting custard is then chilled, and mixed with whipped fresh cream from Hokkaido, creating a custard cream that melts easily in the mouth. This cream is the basis of all our products. Mixing this cream with select ingredients such as strawberry or green tea produces the various flavors that go into our cream buns.

3. Filling with cream & wrapping the bun

Because the cream buns are so soft, they will be torn if wrapped by a machine. After the buns cool, each bun is filled with cream by hand. The buns then pass through an X-ray inspection apparatus which checks that there is no contamination and that the buns are filled uniformly with cream. After inspection, the cream buns are carefully wrapped one by one.

Logistics: From Japan to the Philippines

With careful packaging and excellent logistic services, frozen buns are shipped exclusively to C3 Premium Partnerships, Inc., via refrigerated transportation to ensure that safe and sanitary conditions are maintained throughout the products journey to the Philippines. From the port, products will be transported by a reefer container, then stored in a temperature-controlled storage. To preserve the quality of the frozen goods, a refrigerated van will be used for delivery to stores.

Cream buns are thawed daily in the warehouse then distributed to each store. Once buns are thawed properly, each must be kept chilled before serving. For best quality, cream buns must be consumed within 24hours, preferably by 2pm of the following day, based on Japanese standards.

Hattendo Cream Bun Flavors

Made from the finest custard cream, combined with Sumio cream. This is the original HATTENDO cream bun - a true classic.

Whipped Cream
This delightful recipe uses a larger portion of rich whipped cream, giving the bun a light, airy texture that melts in your mouth like a fine sponge cake.

Azuki Sweet Beans
This flavorful cream is made with Hokkaido red azuki sweet beans, for a delicious combination of Japanese traditional and modern flavors.

Green Tea (Matcha)
The most select "gyokuro" green tea grown in Fukuoka gives this bun a refreshing taste with the aroma of green tea and just a hint of its bitterness.

Enjoy the sophisticated taste of this deeply satisfying but light and smooth combination of our fine cream and delicate chocolate.

Enjoy the gentle taste of sugar glazed Marron with smooth creamy texture.

Store Locations

SM Mall of Asia (May 2015)
Ground Floor, North Wing, Main Mall

SM Megamall (May 2015)
2F Mega Fashion Hall

Greenhills Theatre Mall (November 2015)
Unit 4A F&B Arts Plaza

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