Our Simple yet Memorable Valentine's Day Celebration

2/18/2016 07:00:00 AM

Love is in the air and most of the people think of ways how to express their love to their special someone. My husband and I thought of a simple yet memorable Valentine's day Celebration together with our parents.
Last year we celebrated Valentine's through a dine experience in one of the resto in the metro. This year, we decided to make it simple and affordable. I resigned last year, our budget is too tight that I need to squeeze it to make it enough for all our expenses.

Valentine's Day this year fell on a Sunday, which is Family day. My husband and I woke up early and bought ingredients at the market that will be needed for our lunch date in our house. Prior to that I already told my parents and my in-laws to wear red on Sunday during our Lunch.
Viola, here we are, all wearing red even my kids, and it was happy to see them (my parents and my in laws) longing to our bonding day over lunch date.
I prepared my very own version of Aglio Olio Tuna Pasta. I used Royal Pasta and Olive Oil which are left overs from our New Years Celebration and Mega Tuna Spanish flavor. My family loves it, it's not too salty for the taste buds of the oldies, its healthy according to them.
My husband did the grilled pork liempo and Milk fish, which are better food for the oldies and they loved it so much my father and father in law enjoy it.
My fruit salad, the cakes from paper moon, juice and the bread are the addition to our sumptuous lunch plus the pictorial and that's what a memorable valentine's celebration is.
After our Valentine's Lunch Date, we had a bonding session with a videoke, which most of the filipinos love it, we really love to sing. My father  requested so many songs that he just wanted to hear it while my mother sing it. “Ang dami mo namang request (you got so many requests)" my mother told my father. My mother is complaining but still she sung all my fathers requested song, they are sooo sweet.
While my In-laws just keep on singing, when I told them the title, they kept on telling that they don't know the song, but when they heard the lyrics surprisingly they know the song and they sung it, hahaha.

My kids love also their grandma and grandpa, they love to be with them and make memorable moment. Even my youngest son hold the hands of my father, his grandpa, while walking outside when they are about to leave and went home.

My husband and I saw the faces of our Parents with a big smile after our celebration. No intimate or date outside, but still this is the happiest Valentine's day celebration in our lives so far.

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