“Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako” The Movie starring EA Guzman and Michael Pangilinan.

2/29/2016 07:41:00 PM

“Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako” sung by Michael Pangilinan which happens to be the title of the movie featuring EA Guzman and Michael Pangilinan. As what the title says, you've already guessed what the movie is all about and I was able to know what the movie is all about as I was invited to watch the premier night of the said movie.

“Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako” tackles the story of 2 guys, best friend since childhood. Edgar Allan Guzman or EA Guzman plays the character of the one who has a feeling for his best friend which is played by Michael Pangilinan. EA's portrayal of the gay character having a hard time in expressing what he feels towards his best friend was great. In my opinion he is just the right actor for the role. If you have watched some of his portrayal in one of the TV Show you can see that he's really good in his craft.    
If you'll watch the movie you'll definitely won't have any dull moment because the movie and EA's acting will make you feel the story. I can really understand about the character of EA since I have a brother who's gay. Congrats EA on that great acting!

On the other hand, Michael Pangilinan's portrayal as best friend of EA in the movie, which is also as a major role, reflects our society nowadays. People will understand the status of LGBT like what Michael did in the movie, but still there's an instance maybe few personalities that cannot understand. But here in the movie Michael really gives the reality on how to handle that kind of situation.
Michael Pangilinan, good looking as he is, will definitely liked and loved his character in the movie by many ladies and gays. His acting is superb and he really does the hunkable role. Most of the viewers, which are mostly teenagers, during the premier night were screaming loud enough every time Michael shows up in the movie.

Since we were given a chance to have an interview with them I ask Michael which scene was his favorite, he kiddingly said the scene when he got up from the swimming pool. Well most of the crowd screamed when they saw Michael's body. But seriously, his favorite scene was when EA's character admitted that his a gay and is in love to Michael's character.
The touching scene for me is between EA and Ms. Nora Aunor who played the role as his mother. I was about to cry, because I saw the same scene when my younger brother talked to my parents about his status, that he is a gay. My parents undoubtedly accepted him immediately and that was when my younger brother was in high school. Now he is a young professional and we, his siblings are always happy every time we have a bonding moment. He always makes us laugh.

In addition to the cast, Matt Evans and Joross Gamboa tandem makes the movie lively the way they batuhan ng lines. Ana Capri and Hopia joins the cast as well.
Mommies, specially those who have gay sons, have this movie your bonding moment together. It gives us all a better understanding about the feeling of LGBT in our society. Watch “Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako” the movie soon.

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