Continue Giving Your Kids Nutri10 Plus for Good Appetite

2/03/2016 07:55:00 AM

As a mommy, health is our number one priority. And for our kids who are prone to diseases, we, mommies make sure to find ways to prevent sick days. Some of these preventive moves are the proper food intake, exercise and of course vitamins or food supplement for the betterment of our kids' nutrition.
I've tried some of the food supplements and vitamins for my 2 kids, Maki who is now 8 while Gelo is the youngest who is now 4. They are both in school with active lifestyle. They got plenty of activities in school, assignments and projects that gives them heavy loads.

Now, that I am a full time Mom, I am giving the best care that I could for them. I am happy that I am with my kids everyday, prepare meals for them, help them to make their assignment, and lots of talk with them, everyday is a bonding moment with us though our daddy, my hubby is in Pampanga, every weekend he is with us.

Nutri10 Plus is a great big help for me, there are instances that I can't give the best food or the proper food that they should have but thanks to Nutri10 Plus they are getting what they need for their body. Sometimes, my kids have their food fatigue, they don't want to eat rice and they want new food. Nutri10 plus is a food supplement that helps mommy like me for the active lifestyle of my kids.
Since I started to give Nutri10 Plus, my kids loves to eat that much. Aside on the breakfast, lunch and dinner, they have a merienda while in school and in addition to their meal, they have now a midnight snack. Before they just drink milk before going to sleep. Now, aside on milk as their midnight snack they also ask for a biscuit or bread.

Some of the mommies in school or even my relatives, they said that my kids are not too fat nor too thin, they just call them “siksik”. Yah, they are both healthy and active everyday and I am very thankful that they are not sickly kids.

I saw a post from a friend in Facebook how her kid enjoy eating and take note according to my friend she's giving her kid Nutri10 Plus. This is the assurance that Nutri10 Plus is a big help to bring back the appetite of the kids and to be protected from harmful diseases.
Mommies, try the Nutri10 Plus for your kids to make them healthy and ready always with their active lifestyle. Make everyday a bonding moment with them and keep them away from diseases around.

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