Milo Stadium Formally Opens at Kidzania For Kids to Experience

2/11/2016 08:15:00 AM

Milo is well known in the Philippines. Every Family loves it and it is a staple in most Filipinos. My Family loves it so much, and never in my experience to forgot to buy it in the grocery, even my kids remind me always to buy it.
No days that we forgot to drink it, every morning it is a part of our breakfast. The taste and the benefits of it, is what a Mommy like me love it so much and I enjoy serving it to our family.
Gladly that my eldest, Maki and I was invited to cover and experience the Milo Stadium at Kidzania. Nestle Philippines has officially opened the Milo Stadium, its state-of-the-art, kid-sized sports arena located inside KidZania Manila. Designed for 7-14 year olds, the Milo Stadium aims to get kids started on the path to living an active and healthy lifestyle, through physical activity and proper nutrition. Together, Nestle and Kidzania formally opened the doors during a launch event with members of the media and their kids, who got to participate in the Stadium's activities.


Kidzania Manila is the ultimate role-playing environment where kids get to live out their big dreams in a fun, learning experience, Inside the Milo Stadium, kids play the role of an athlete, specializing in either Basketbal, Football, Volleyball or Cheerleading. Each sport will train them in a series of drills and take them through a live game simulation that promotes the value of teamwork among others.



Apart from the physical benefits of sports, the KidZania instructors, called Zupervisors, will also teach kids the importance of proper nutrition, which is essential for any athlete to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Another activity of choice for kids is to learn the Milo Champ Moves dance, a three-minute exercise emulating sports movements, designed to energize their body and mind for the day ahead.

“For over 50 years, Milo has continued to build champions in sports and in life. The opening of our Milo Stadium marks another important chapter in our story as we continue to nourish kids with the winning energy to live an active and healthy lifestyle and discover the Champion in them,” said Jacques Reber, Chairman and CEO of Nestle Philippines, Inc.

Maricel Pangilinan Arenas, State Governor of KidZania Philippines, shared: “We are very proud of our partnership with Nestle in creating the Milo Stadium. By combining education with entertainment, we hope to inspire kids to learn values and lessons that will lead them to be outstanding KidZania citizens. Teamwork, discipline and hard work are just some of the values they will walk away with when they leave the MILO Stadium.”
Milo also used this opportunity to recognize the important role Moms play in the lifestyle choices of their kids. Since day one, Moms have been the consistent figure every kid's life inspiring them to make the best choices to be good-natured, respectful, disciplined and responsible individuals.
“Now, especially during their formative years, Moms have an important role to play in helping their kids live an active and healthy lifestyle. By bringing them to the Milo Stadium, you have already taken that first step and whether by example or just being the support they need, we encourage Moms to continue being active in guiding, teaching and inspiring their kids to be a Champion every day,” added Reber.



That was a fantastic experience, take a look at the video's of Maki who really enjoyed the day. It was a fun-filled day that truly help the kids to be active nowadays. Really thankful that Milo Stadium help kids, particularly my son Maki, who is very shy. At Milo Stadium, it helps Maki to be active with the basketball play and mingle with other kids.

Every breaktime of the play, Maki lines up and get Milo to drink to boost her energy because of the new Milo ActivGo. He's fond of drinking Milo. Yes, our Family drink it always.

At first, Maki don't like to join because he is too shy and afraid to make a mistake and he don't want to notice it by other kids. But fortunately, a twist happened and it is a great opportunity for my kid and me of course. This enhances the attitude of kids and it is an achievement for us Mommies. Thankful for that wonderful experience.

I will definitely let my youngest son, Gelo to experience it as well, very soon. Mommies let your kids enjoy their childhood life by visiting the Milo Stadium at Kidzania and let them drink Milo that helps provide energy and nutrients the body needs.
Being a champion has never been easy, let alone raising one. That is why Milo has introduced its new Formula with Activ-Go designed to energize both the body and mind to help kids reach their potential both physically and mentally.
To learn more on how to raise a Champion in sports and in life, visit

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