Celebrate Love with Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes

2/10/2016 09:26:00 AM

Few days to go and it's Valentine's Day. Love is in the air and every one wants to bring the love to their families, friends and loved ones by giving something sweet that really a remarkable one.
It's the time of the year where were all pressured to come up with that perfect gift for our special someone, so treat her with something she would surely love like the Valentine's DQ Cakes. The limited edition DQ Valentine's Cakes now comes in two appetizing flavors and designs.

First, is the heart shape Chips Ahoy and Oreo Blizzard Cake, this 100% Ice Cream Cake is made out of two of the worlds favorite cookie brand. While the Pink Valentine Dedication Cake lets you write your personal love messages to that special someone. So make valentines more memorable with the 100% Ice Cream Cakes of Dairy Queen.

Super like the Pink Valentine Dedication Cake, it is so girly and very touchy because you can express your true feelings to your loved ones with the dedication on the top of the cake. The cake is not too sweet and you'll definitely like it because it is so delightful and creamy at its best.
Let your loved ones feel your love this Valentine's season through the Valentine's DQ Cakes. Indulge the sweetness of the cake and make your bonding moment a memorable one with your families, friends and loved ones.
Follow Dairy Queen Philippines on social media https://www.facebook.com/dairyqueenphilippines and visit their official website to get more updates about your favorite Ice Cream brand.

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