House of Cards First and Exclusive on RTL CBS EntertainmentChannel

5/13/2014 09:57:00 PM

RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network brings the Emmy award-winning series House Of Cards to the Philippines. The series which is produced by Media Rights Capital premiered in the U.S. on streaming service Netflix stars Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey and Golden Globe-winner Robin Wright. HOUSE OF CARDS will premiere first in Philippine TV this May 28 at 9:55 PM and is exclusive on the RTL CBS Entertainment Channel.

I remember the last time that I get hooked on a foreign TV series was years ago.  Now, I am glad that I was one of the guests that were able to watch the House of Cards and I can say that promise you going to get hooked on this series, the twist, the plot, it was really exciting! Though the series is about government and power I somewhat was able to catch up with it. 

Kevin Spacey stars as Congressman Francis Underwood in this one-hour series that slithers behind the curtain of power, sex, ambition, love, greed and corruption in modern Washington D.C. Francis and his equally ambitious wife Claire, played by Robin Wright, stop at nothing to ensure their ascendancy.

Developed and produced by Beau Willimon (The Ides of March) HOUSE OF CARDS has earned several accolades including Robin Wright's Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Television Drama, as well as Emmy Awards for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Casting for a Drama series and Outstanding Cinematography for a single-Camera series. It was also honored as one of the American Film Institute's TV Programs of the Year for 2013.

"We're committed to bringing a very strong programming proposition to operators and audiences in the region and are delighted to have secured "House of Cards". says Jonal Engwall, CEO of RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network. "This award-winning, highly anticipated show will complement the stellar line-up of programs on our channel."

HOUSE OF CARDS premieres May 28 at 9:55pm on RTL CBS Entertainment, available on SKYcable channels 53 (SD Digital) and 196 (HD).

For more information RTL CBS Entertainment HD was launched in Asia in 2013, it is the first channel of RTL CBS Aisa Entertainment Network, the joint venture formed by world leading content producers, RTL Group and CBS Studios International.

Furthermore, RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network is a venture formed in August 2013 bringing together two of the world's largest content producers: RTL Group, the leading European entertainment network and CBS Studios International, the leading supplier of programming to the international market place. Its two new channels, RTL CBS Entertainment HD and RTL CBS Extreme HD, will be distributed in more than 20 Asian markets.

So marked your calendar that this coming May 28 you're going to love this House of Cards.

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