Sharing My Success together with Coco Martin's Success with Max's Restaurant

5/06/2014 12:38:00 AM

One of the highlights in our lives are the success that we experience. Success in life is one of the greatest thing that we treasure and be thankful to God all ways. This is the fruit of our labor.

In my case, family is my success.  They are the greatest gift that God gave me.  When I got married, it was hard for me to bare a child.  Though we wanted to have a child as early as possible the problem made us wait for quite some years then that's the time that we decided to see an ob-gynecologist.  With some test and medications my hubby and I decided to give up my work and took a rest together with the monitoring of my ob-gyne.  It was God miracle because after few months of medication, finally I got pregnant.  So after 2 years we got married I gave birth on our eldest. So now, we have already 2 kids.

Though my success of having children and making my husband happy need to gave up my work, still its a fulfilling feeling that I really treasure and be thankful.

My story may not be a big success compared to others I find worth sharing that we all need to be patient prayerful for our success wouldn't be complete without the help of God.  Just like this inspiring story of Coco Martin on how a simple waiter of Max's Restaurant become a well-known celebrity and the best of it is the endorser of the establishment where he once worked with.  From being a waiter at Max's Restaurant in 2000-2001 and now Coco Martin is one of the most respected actors in the country.

Take a peek into the TV commercial that depict Coco's journey to success. If you have any #SarapNgSuccess story and pictures depicting your own story, you can share it by completing the sentence "Successful ang araw ko dahil __________."
"Successful ang araw ko dahil nandyan ang pamilya ko." (My day is successful because my family are there.)  To know more about success stories you can visit Max's Restaurant's website or get updates from their facebook page  Get involved in the hashtag #SarapNgSuccess

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  1. Successful ang araw ko dahil masaya ang aking mga anak,max really aim to make families more closer!

  2. Succesful ang araw ko dahil binigyan niya ako ng trabaho upang matustusan ang pangangailangan ng akin pamilya sa araw araw at palagi nariyan si God para gabayan ako..


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