Banana Peel's Mother's Day Gift

5/21/2014 09:18:00 AM

Slippers is just one of my weaknesses, I love slippers very much.  I am a type of person that like flats and if to choose from flats to heels, well I'd go with flats.  Since the day before Mother's Day, again based on my previous blog posts, there were lots of surprises came in for me.  Here is another surprise that came into our doorstep that I love most.

Banana peel surprise came 1 day before Mother's Day and I really love it! They gave me a color red Sutton with a touch of blue which made me wow!  Looking at it matches my white feet perfectly. I like it very much because its trendy and I feel like a teenager though I am a Mom already.

Banana Peel products are made from eco-friendly and non-harmful materials from the thong down to the sole. Non-toxic paint is used to produce trendy prints. Banana Peel promise to responsibly deliver quality slippers that last in rainy days and sunny days!

Another thing that made me love Banana Peel even more is because because they also gave slippers to my 2 kids.  I can't count now how many banana peel slippers have I bought for my kids and for me also, but kids, they just grow really fast, right mommies?  If you become a mom you'll definitely experience buying slippers from time to time.  It's either they've outgrown their slippers or it gets damaged because of their hyper activity.  Luckily, that my kids are both boys, so its not hard for me to choose slippers for them.

I am so thankful for the gifts that they sent, they make my family very happy, especially my hubby, because he is planning to buy slippers for me for Mother's Day, fortunately, Banana Peel is there to the rescue. Thank you very much from the bottom of my hearts.

To give you more information about Banana Peel, they are the first flip flop concept store in the Philippines. They are the only banana peel that nobody slips in because they are what the customers want to slip on. They believe that slippers are not only considered apparel, it is a lifestyle.

They have taken an oath to only provide trendy designs that cater to the ultra chic, the athletic and the classic without sacrificing quality. They have reacquainted the plain flip flops by bringing the thongs to life with colors and prints because every sole has every “you”.

Banana Peel envision their company to not only be “Everyone's Favorite Flip Flops!” but also “Everyone's Must-Have Flip Flops!” Actually, I covered their event last January when they launched John Lloyd Cruz as their new endorser, read here: Mag Of My Life

For more information about Banana Peel Flip Flops Instagram@bananapeelofcl Twitter @bananapeelofcl

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  1. wow! it is nice to have a gift to your mother!

  2. i love banana peel, pero pangit lang madaling magfade yung designs nya, pero comfortable, durable, presentable at affordable siya :)

  3. Wow I love to wear Flip flops very comfortable.


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