Max's Restaurant Mother's Day Surprise

5/15/2014 06:36:00 AM

Another surprises came into our doorstep. It was Friday, when Ms. Portia of Bright Idea called me and asked direction going to our house, because they have something for me. Wow! I couldn't believed it that there's another surprise for me!

Yes, it is!  When I saw them, they handed a box and a bouquet of flowers! Another flower for Mother's Day but this time it's a bouquet of flowers.  It was really amazing!  You know what, I got a confession to make I think my husband had just given me flowers 3 times.  Once when we were boyfriend girlfriend and twice when we celebrated our anniversary.  Hahaha!

Imagine  6 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend and 8 years of marriage with just 3 times of giving flowers, hahaha!  Well it's okay with me because flowers doesn't really matters but what matters most is the moment of togetherness and that is really the important thing in our life.

Well back to surprises, I really love the flowers.  My hubby gave a bouquet of flowers only once and he usually gave me a flower only.  Aside from the flowers, there was also a bag designed cake from Max's Corner Bakery.  I really felt that I'm very special with these gifts.  I love the bag designed cake and wish to have a real bag like that, too much!

The flowers and bags aren't enough because they also included some GC of The Spa for some relaxing treat.  This is for sure another pampering day for me. Well, I'll be using it soon to have a relaxing moment after taking care of my family.  And finally the GC of Max's Restaurant, of course to fill up those tummies.  They are really generous and I really do feel special with these gift.  I love being a mom, lots of surprises.

On the day of Mother's Day Celebration, we went to Max's Restaurant Commonwealth Branch and treat my family and my parents, unfortunately my mother-in-law is in Marinduque to spend vacation, maybe next time when she's here already I will treat her somewhere.

Aside from Mother's Day, we also celebrated the 3rd Birthday of my youngest Son, Gelo. It was an intimate and memorable day again that I can treasure for the rest of my life.

I am very thankful to Max's Family and Bright Idea for really making me a special Mom and let my family have a bonding moment over a sumptuous dinner with their all time favorite Fried Chicken at Max's Restaurant.

Thank you very much and more power!

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  1. Wow! a lots of surprises for you mommy! we celebrate mother's day in Max thats our fave resto.

  2. the cake is so cute,how i wish we celebrate mothers day on max!


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