Unilever PureIt Excella, For Clean Drinking Water

5/18/2014 11:17:00 PM

Water is very important in our lives, it is our basic necessity. There's a phrase that says “We cannot live without Water.” Yes indeed we cannot live without water and it is said that we can only live in 3 to 5 days without water. See how life assuring water is!

Years ago, I have encountered some of the Purifiers available in the market and some of them just knocks at your doorstep and tries to demonstrate their products, some of them can be seen at the mall at the appliance center. The problem with it, is that these purifiers are too pricey and too bulky, worst we cannot afford one of these. Though there are some purifiers came out and offered for an installment plan, still most of us Filipinos cannot afford one.

Recently, Unilever introduced one of their products for a safer drinking water. The product is called PUREIT. It is the largest selling brand of in-home water purifiers in the world, starting with the Excella, a non-electric water purifier that converts tap water and even untreated water into guaranteed clean and safe drinking water.

Pureit Excella is the only non-eletric water purifier that meets the microbiological safety norms criteria of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the regulatory body with the most stringent standards for safe drinking water all over the world.

Last April, Unilever's unveiled this product as on of its newest brand. The aim of having Pureit here in the Philippines is to provide safe access to safe and affordable drinking water to millions of people. Unilever technical experts across global research centers in the United Kingdom and India worked with technology partners, government bodies, and scientific and public health institutions to develop Pureit – an effective and affordable solution that provides access to safe, clean drinking water.

During the launch, one of the explanations says that the Department of Health reveals that waterborne diseases remain a severe public health concern with about 4,200 deaths and 770,000 cases of illness each year from water borne diseases. After some few explanations they demonstrated how the apparatus works and one of the sample water that will be treated by Pureit was a yellowish-colored water. It took quite some time before the cleaned water came out and I can say that it was indeed clean and safe for drinking.

Before sharing about my experience with Pureit I'll share first the state-of-the-art purification technology of this apparatus.

The first level of purification consists of three simple yet valuable layers of protection where water initially passes through the Germkill Processor that disinfects the water of almost all bacteria, viruses and germs. Next, it passes through the Advanced Microfiber Mesh that filters out precipitates such as visible and invisible dust and dirt particles, as well as metallic impurities. Lastly, the Carbon Polisher removes pesticides, chlorine, and odor from the water, before it goes to the second level of purification.

The second level purification is performed by the Micro-charged Membrane, which further purifies the water by removing any remaining parasites or bacteria – assuring families of protection against diseases. The en product is clear, fresh, and natural-tasting water that's free from harmful agents.

Okay now that you've known how the treatment goes now my experience with Pureit is next.

We usually buy a container of mineral water that lasts for about 3 to 4 days amounting to P25. That's included in our expenses, plus I have 3 years old that need to have distilled water which is another expenses. So basically we're spending around Php800 to Php1,000 a month just for water. Imagine that!

So when this Pureit came into house, I am so glad that my expenses for water alone was cut down. No more hassle of buying and carrying distilled water for the kids and waiting for the delivery boy to come to our house.

Installing and assembling this Pureit is very much simple, the manual was instructive enough to let everyone put this Pureit together. Just make sure to set it up in a flat surface to make all the fittings fit together. The box contains four big fragments that you need to put together plus the small Micro-charged Membrane that you need to install in of the fragments. It is just simple like that and thankfully that hubby knows very much when it comes to installing things like this.

At the start and as advice from Unilever Pureit team the first two to three fill of water may be smelly with a bit of taste. So my hubby did let the water get filtered two times, unfortunately it still got a bit of smell and taste so he continued to one more filtering and viola, the taste and smell were off. So to make sure I advise that you filter and change the water 3 times before using the unit.

The filtering process of the Pureit takes time before the cleaned water pour down on its container. So you shouldn't worry that it is not working. Patience my dear friend is needed here and with that you'll reap a natural tasting water.

Just an advice, since the water container is made of plastic make sure not to let the water settle for more than 12 hours to avoid having the water taste like boiled from wood. Or to be sure place it in a container and store inside the refrigerator for those who want cool water.

So mommies, buy now your Pureit Excella at Abenson, Anson or even in Landmark, it is a state of the art technology but affordable and quality purifier for just P4999.

If you have Pureit Excella, do share here your experiences about the product.

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  1. thanks for the review..love it

  2. It is very important and make sure that we drink clean and safe water for our body.

  3. Hello,
    This is a great review. This is a very good product. This is used for cleaned up water. This post is very informative. Thank you for sharing this post with us.


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