Nido Makes Me a #1Mom

5/14/2014 09:37:00 AM

Is Mother's Day over?

Nope, for me Mother's Day is all year round!  The bonding time and taking care the welfare of our family is all there and that is why Mothers are really important in our society.  Not that I'm a Mom but because we are there always for our family and since family is the smallest unit of the society.

This year is really a memorable and touching Mother's Day Celebration for me, an experience that I treasure more.  The reason is because Nido made a collaboration effort with my husband and kids just to bring a surprise Mother's Day celebration.  It is a somewhat different from the usual celebration that we had.

Last May 3, dads and kids worked together to orchestrate a relaxing and exciting surprise for the moms, of course including me. Anchored on NIDO FORTIFIED’s “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day initiative this year, the special gathering showcased how powerful and moving the collaboration between family members and kids can be to honour moms as #1 in their hearts. “Mother’s Day is a great way to make wives and mothers feel how much they are loved and appreciated by her friends and family,” said Denise Chua, Nestle Philippines Consumer Marketing Manager. “Beyond simply being unexpected, surprising a loved one has a long-lasting impact that leads to tighter emotional bonds with her whole family.”

The NIDO FORTIFIED “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day initiative successfully encouraged thousands of kids to declare their heart-warming messages through customized shirts. With the help of dads and other family members, kids answered the question “What makes your mom #1?” at “Each shirt represents the love and appreciation of a kid and the family for their mother. And what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to let moms wear their family’s love?” shared Chua. “We are happy to help create new memories by re-affirming bonds between moms and their loved ones through these one-of-a-kind shirts that go even beyond Mother’s Day.”

NIDO FORTIFIED went an extra mile to make the celebration of the World’s #1Moms extra special. At first we were treated in a special spa that made us, mommies felt really a relaxed that day, it was an absolute pampering ever!

Then after the spa, organizers asked us, mommies, to wear a blindfold.  I made a wow gesture that they really go this far on making us Moms really be surprised.  They really wanted us, mommies to be surprised on that day.  I just thought that my hubby and my kids will just sing or dance for me no more than that or else and if they talk I will surely cry. 

But as I walked in the venue, my heart kept beating fast and I was nervous then I heard a voice instructing me "Mommy Angelyn you stay here" and this is it!

When they let mommies remove the blindfold, Whoa! My eldest son Maki is standing in front of me with a flower on his hand and he gave it to me immediately.  Then I notice the shirt with my name Mommy Angelyn with a message "She doesn't know much, but she tries and does her best...awarded by Gelo, Maki and Dy". What a touching moment that really made me cry, I hug my Son and then I look around for my hubby and my youngest Son, Gelo so I could hug them too but unfortunately the place was crowded with me that it took me some time to find them.

What a great feeling! I am very grateful that day, and thanking God for giving me a Family that I can live with for the rest of my life.

I just want to take the opportunity to thank Nido and Ogilvy for making this moment, they really makes us #1Moms in the whole world. And also to my family, they always make me smile, though it's really hard to be a mom but seeing your family happy and enjoying every moment with you, it ease the hard feelings.  You will push through your life because you have an inspiration to live more and spend time to let every day a bonding moment with your Family.

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  1. I love Nido t-shirt too. My son have also entry there but still waiting for the tshirt to be ship to me.

  2. i hope i received my nido shirt for my mom,nido simply knows how we can thanks our wonderful mother!

  3. wow ang ganda naman po ng t it

  4. Belated Happy Mother's day po!! love KC

  5. The sweetest concept for Mother's Day from Nido. I already got mine. I really love their shirt especially the sweet message of my 2 adorable kiddos ^_^

  6. i havent got my shirt,hopefully nido would still send it for my mom!


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