Mister Donut: Fun School Opening Treats

5/22/2014 02:07:00 AM

Here are other treats from Mister Donut, they really make the school opening exciting for the kids as they have their latest offerings.


Through their latest TV commercial, Bimby Aquino-Yap and Ryzza Mae Dizon are all smiles with the marvelous Fun Box of Mister Donut donuts. Of course, these two child wonders would like others to know why they enjoy this latest treat from their favorite donut brand. What keeps them coming back for more?

For the very reasonable price of 100 pesos, there's a whole box filled with fun that the whole family can share. With three candy shaped donuts, two pieces of choco cake and three pieces of bavarian donuts, this bound to thrill kids of all ages. The fun has only just begun with this delectable donut set. That's because all your kids' favorites have now been placed into one fun box at an incredible price. At such an affordable cost, you won't mind sharing the fun of family bonding every day.

Our favorite superhero Spider-Man also loves dropping by Mister Donut to grab a quick snack. At the great price of 12 pesos each, you can feel like our witty web slinger by biting into a delicious spider-man donut with that signature Bavarian fillin. Just purchasing 7 pieces of these limited edition donuts (or a 20 pieces of Smidgets) plus adding only 45 pesos, you have the choice of receiving a Superheroes lunch box of the Amazing Spider-Man or a food keeper and tumbler set. You'll feel like climbing up walls and swinging in to save the day with all these fantastic Mister Donut merchandise.

My eldest son love the Fun Box specially they have color Red, because his favorite color is red so he is really love it and excited to use it this coming school days. As of now, he kept on reminding me that I should not forget to put his baon on his Fun Box.

It's always more fun at Mister Donut with their newest Fun Box. Moms and dads with their little ones can eagerly look forward to these special treats that can bring on such a welcome smile of delight. Check out the Amazing Spider-Man donut an the promo items that are up for grabs as well. Swing on by to your nearest Mister Donut and get in on the action today!

Mommies, are you in a hurry of what are you going to give as baon to your kids? Well here is something new from Mister Donut, their Snack Pack Collection. We, mommies to have lot of ideas to make the baon of our kids different every day. And this one of the suggestion from Mister Donut to help us preparing baon this coming school days.

If you're craving for something sweet and crunch, check out Mister Donut Snack Pack Collection, check out Mister Donut Snack Pack Collection. Right now, they've got Brownie Brittle and Donut Rocks. Brownie Brittle is a pack of crispy chocolate brownie chips, Maki like it very much, well he loves chocolate that's why and the Donut Rocks are crunchy chocolate donut bites as he tasted it, "Mommy, this is something new, I like it, it is different on the usual donut that you gave to me" Maki said. These are perfect pambaon for school or for work. And they're also very affordable because Brownie Brittle is only PhP30.00 a pack and Donut Rocks are only Php35.00. Get them at Mister Donut shops and while you're there and check out the other good stuff they have.

So, Mommies I hope I'll help you through this blog by giving you suggestion on what Mister Donut store for our kids. 

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