So It's You with Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez

5/07/2014 01:24:00 PM


Last May 5, 2014, So It's You bloggers conference was held at the Imperial Palace in Timog, Q.C.  It was an afternoon of great talk and intimate discussion with the stars Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez.  They were very accommodating in answering questions from us, the bloggers.

For Carla and Tom, this is their first ever romantic comedy film and their first movie together.   Carla played the character of Lira who is a bubbly person but couldn't get over from the heartache that she experienced while Tom played the character of Goryo who is a shoemaker who wants to move on with his life. Both of them were brought together by their misfortunes in love. Lira was dumped and left behind during their wedding day while Goryo is a single dad.

During the conference, Carla shared that her character Lira was very far different from her personality which is hard for her to portray the character.  She even disclosed that her character Lira is all out when fall in love but Carla on the other hand makes reservation. 

For Tom, his role with My Husband's Lover was a blessing and a wonderful opportunity for him plus a great leap for his acting career. He even shared that he auditioned for his role in My Husband's Lover. Tom was very thankful for all the blessings and he was thankful that So It's You was one of them.

The movie is directed by Jun Lana, a critically-acclaimed director of Bwakaw and Barber's Tales. According to them the material was first created before the cast.

We all know the love and heartache story of Carla but no one knows what's the story  behind during the making of the movie.  Though going through with the negative side of love, her performance in the film showed no trace of what she's going through while shooting. 

Acting is second skin to Carla, she was named Outstanding Actress for GMA 7's top-rating series, My Husband's Lover.

Carla even shared that she wanted to develop more in acting and she disclosed also that if there was time she would enroll into an acting workshop or any series of workshop with regards to being an actress. She really wanted to hone her craft.

Yours truly asked them "What they prefer comedy or drama?" and followed a question "What do they want for their next movie, comedy or drama?"  Carla responded that she like comedy and would really want to have another comedy film while Tom answered copy paste.
So, for those who wants to feel love, 'So It's You' is a movie to watch. Also starring JC de Vera, Joey Marquez, Arlene Muhlach, Kevin Santos, Paolo Ballesteros and Bangs Garcia, So It’s You opens in theaters nationwide on May 7.  Check out their Facebook Page for more details

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