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6/08/2013 10:29:00 PM

Hairstyle is very important, especially this time.  Proper grooming reflects the attitude and the appearance of an individual.  This days, teenagers are very updated about the "trending" fashion and hairstyle.

Recently, I attended an Ystilo Event at one of their branch at Greenhills.  I am very curious on what's new with them and of course the services that they offer.  I've never been to this salon, so I was excited on how the pampering will be.

School days again locally, so most of the students are wanting to have their haircut done and of course have the trendy look when they come to school.  Examples are these two good looking guys of Starmagic 2013, Jules Estrada and Alexander Diaz.

Jules Estrada

Bloggers got the opportunity to interview Jules and Alex. Jules Estrada, son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada, shared his hairstyle and it's a no no for anyone to touch it, ever! According to him, he like his spiky hairstyle which is not suited during school days, as we all know there are certain restrictions at school on how hairs should be so for him he manages his hair by letting it brush down and not the spiky look to be appropriate in their school.  Oh, I just wonder if my son will be like him when they grow up, but for now I enjoy being the boss of their hairstyle because they are still my little boys.

Alexander Diaz

Apparently Alexander Diaz was more of an adventurous type on his hairstyle.  He liked experimenting on what is "trendy" and appropriate on his look.  During the interview, he even disclosed that he will let Ystilo take care of the trimming of his hair and put some haircolor to look more fashionable.  Well I guess he is more on changing his style because he is a model and a talent of Star Magic.

Since it's school days, Ystilo salon have their back to school promo which offers some treatment and hairstyle that will definitely fits to most of the students.  And here's what they are offering with their back to school promo.

Of course, I too got the opportunity to try their services.  Two months ago I had my hair done with Hair Rebond, so this time I definitely need to have a Kera treatment to bring back the nutrients of my hair.  So, I try their Kera treatment, aside from the nutrients that my hair needs, looks more shiny and soft.

Well, I feel that I am going to school again with my beautiful hair (hahaha) because after the Ystilo event I attended a summit, iBlog: The 9th Philippines Blogging Summit.  While listening to the speaker my husband who is a blogger also keep on taking pictures of my hair.  I think he is still in love also with my hair, hahaha.

So mommies out there, try to experience the hairstyle that Ystilo offers and also try their back to school promo.  Visit their page at Ystilo Salon

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