My Day With Sangobion's Salaminkera

6/01/2013 10:57:00 PM

This past few days, I am not feeling well. dizzy, easily get tired (fatigued I guess) and don't want to do anything but sleep.  I am a full time mommy of 2 kids, take note 2 hyper kids.

The event that I attended recently is really appropriate for me.  I have a lot of question why such dizziness keeps bothering me.  Some advice me to see a doctor, some to see an optometrist because it might be caused by my eyes that's why I am feeling dizzy, but still I didn't do anything.  I think this dizziness is tolerable.  I just took a ferrous sulfate, hoping that I'm just anemic.  Until, Sangobion event came and invited me for the coverage.  I am very curious about this, since I first thought that Sangobion is a ferrous sulfate, so I am excited on what will I know about the products.

The event was to inform the press and bloggers about Sangobion through the Salaminkera Show.  Sangobion proudly present a one-woman show called "Salaminkera", an educational and entertaining performance of the well-loved comedienne, Giselle Sanchez to promote awareness on the wondrous effects of iron to our  body.  Press and bloggers enjoyed the presentation, if you were there you'll definitely know that everyone enjoyed and laughed aloud inside the conservatory room.

At the end of presentation, they explained the benefit and the difference between Sangobion and the ferrous sulfate that I usually take to ease my dizziness or anemic. 
Sangobion is the organic iron with vitamins and minerals. It gives women a boost thru organic iron that helps prevent the 3 signs of iron deficiency. These signs include lack of focus, looking pale and always feeling fatigued. It's organic because unlike Ferrous Sulfate, Sangobion is Ferrous gluconate - a form of iron, so that it is gentler on the stomack, and is easily absorbed by the body. Aside from iron, it also contains vitamins and minerals that include Vitamin C, Folid Acid, Vitamin B12, Copper Sulfate and Manganese sulfate for that extra boost. Sangobion hopes to inspire and give a boost to women everywhere so that they can always be beautiful and successful as a mom, a wife and even a career woman.

Just like Giselle I will definitely try the Sangobion so that i will gain a healthy living for my family and to avoid those dizziness that really bothers me.

So mommies out there, do attend the "Salaminkera" show this coming June 9 at the Lower Ground Level, Building A of SM Megamall.  To know more and be aware on iron deficiency and the benefits of Sangobion.

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