Man of Steel Movie Treat From Jollibee

6/17/2013 11:32:00 PM

Thank goodness that it's holiday, Independence Day as most of the workers enjoy the day of resting and taking the time off. For me, it is also a time off from my duty as a mom for a bit. Jollibee and Man of Steel was able to provide this Mom a chance to have a great movie time. Though I'm not a very much of a fan of Superman I definitely know the character and how the story goes. I was thankful that my hubby of Kwento Ni Toto was with me to explain some of the details about the story.

Of course a movie would not be complete without something to eat and drink so since Jollibee was our sponsor for this great movie experience we got some goodies to enjoy while watching the movie. But before the movie started there were some explanations and promotions of what Jollibee offers like the bucket of Chickenjoy for only Php575 with the Man of Steel pictures and designs outside of the bucket, of course for the kids and kids-at-heart is the The Man of Steel action figure and other items which is included in every Jollibee Kids Meals.

When the movie started I was really got lost because of the way it was pictured out. I did noticed some familiar scenes but most of it are not as I pictured it once. Good thing that hubby was there and was able to explain some of the stories that I don't understand. Over all, I like it as it presented a different view of the story but for those who really knows the ins and out of the story perhaps you wouldn't appreciate it much but I'm sure you'll like it.

Thanks to Jollibee for that great afternoon, a movie experience that I enjoyed and most especially on a holiday.

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