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6/09/2013 11:20:00 PM

School Time again! Mommies are your children ready for school?  Better have all the things needed for school be prepared already and let your kids enjoy the first day of school.  Bags, notebooks, socks, pencil, shoes and other things are important things we, parents, need to prepare for our kids.  Shoes in particular are very important. We really need to know  that our kids are comfortable with their shoes.

With this, I will share what I have learned in one of the event that I attended, the Dr. Kong Press Conference which was held at Chef Laudico's Guevarras.  Also I will share our story buying Dr. Kong shoes.

To start with I'll introduce first the brand, Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop was first established in the year 1999. Currently there are now over 200 branches across Asia: 60 in Hong Kong, 133 in China, several branches in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.  Quite a lot already isn't it.

As of May 2013, Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop has 5 branches and it is the first to provide the innovative "Check & Fit" foot examination and insole fitting service  which is free together with the professional assessment of the foot with the use of an apparatus that they have.  After assessing the foot, the most suitable foot care product will be recommended to the customer depending on the condition of the customer's feet.

Dr. Kong offers various products for people which are focused on foot and spine care for all ages.  There are Shoes for Infants, Children, Men, Women and Elderly.  There are also various foot care accessories such as basic and specialized insoles, Heel protectors, Toe Protectors and others.  Plus they also offer Spine Care School Bags which is good for kids who have plenty of books to carry.

If you want to know more about their brand and products simply follow them on their twitter account @drkongshoes or like their facebook account www.facebook.com/DrKongPH.

Since I'm too eager to know about the brand and to know as well how the foot testing runs, me together with my family head on to one of their branch at the Robinson's Galleria and experience the actual foot examination for my son, Maki.

Since my eldest son, Maki, is already a Grade 1 student we looked for a more suitable school shoes for him at Dr. Kong's store.  Their staff are very curtious and accommodating as well. They ask me to let them assess the foot of my son.  So Maki immediately stepped on the top of their equipment and have his feet tested.

Maki stood and enjoyed the assessment though he was really "malikot".  After a few minutes, the Dr. Kong staff explained that our son is a flat footed so his feet needs to be corrected and he needs to do some exercises such as tip toe and gripping everyday to correct the problem.   According to her the Dr. Kong's Shoes with the arch support will help Maki in correcting and developing his flat foot into an arched foot.  They told as too that we need to go back after 4 months to assess again the feet of Maki if there's any development.

So, if you want to have comfortable and better shoes for you kids try and give Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes a chance on your kids feet.  Have a better arch development of your kid's feet.  So form my dear Maki, he is now ready to go to school with his Dr Kong Health School Shoes.

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