Maki's Snacks (Baon)

6/23/2013 10:50:00 PM

Since I am a full time mommy I need to take good care of my family.  There are lots of things to do inside the house but it is rewarding, especially if you will see your kids smiling back at you. 

School days have started already, my first kid is  a grown up already, I couldn't believe that my Maki is already in Grade 1 now.  So I need to monitor all his things, his assignments and most important his food. I need to prepare food religiously, from breakfast, baon, and his lunch.  Lunch time is the end of his school time everyday.

I just want to share the food that I usually prepare, the bread. I am not that artistic, my husband is the artistic one, but I try my best to show some good art in preparing the food.  I put 3 breads on my son's lunch box and put the "I Love You" message on it using the Magnolia Cheezee Squeezee, isn't amazing?  I am proud because Maki love it and he immediately whispered to me “thank you mommy”.  Well that's a very rewarding experience.

Hope next time I will do it again with some more artistic effort to make my kids really appreciate the food and for him to enjoy going to school.

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