Jack & Jill Shake and Roll Potato Chips, Get Shaky and Rolly

6/13/2013 09:06:00 PM

Who's craving for a potato chips? Who wants a new taste and new look of potato chips?  Well, if you say yes to both of my questions then you definitely need to read this post and let yourself indulge in a new experience as Jack n' Jill introduce their latest offerings.

Few weeks ago, Jack and Jill invited bloggers, of course including me, to enjoy something shaky and something rolly.  Hahaha get it shaky and rolly.  Yes, it is a potato chips that you need to shake and roll before you can have the flavorful taste of the chips.

Jack n' Jill Shake and Roll have two variants, Wasabi Salmon Sushi and Unagi Kabayaki Flavors.

Wasabi Salmon Sushi is a spicy one that can suits on yuppies that loves spicy chips while the Unagi Kabayaki Flavors, bloggers love that flavor and according to them this will be their partner while blogging. The Shake and Roll Potato Chips is good also without the powder flavor, well my kids love the plain flavor.

Since the product ambassador is The Crew, the 2012 World Hip Hop Champions, every one are encourage to do the Shake and Roll dance moves gracefully.  The bloggers, including me as well, was able to dance the Shake and Roll moves, (open, season, seal, shake and roll).  Imagine how I dance, hahaha I just don't know if there's any rolling camera that took a shot.  it's kind of odd you know!

Well, I definitely give this snack particularly the Wasabi Salmon Sushi to my husband every time he do the blogging works to wake him up because of the kick of the spicy flavor, hahaha.

Jack n' Jill Potato Chips Shake and Roll in Wasabi Salmon Sushi and Unagi Kabayaki is only PhP35.00 and available on all leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information on Jack and Jill products, visit http://www2.urc.com.ph/#

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